Government allocates Rs. 765 crores for the Aakash project

Government of India allocates Rs. 765 crores for the Aakash 2 projectThe ambitious Aakash project received yet another boost, with the announcement of Rs. 765 crores allotment for the project in the Union budget of 2012-2013. The project to provide the common people with a tablet computer keeps hitting the headlines ever since its announcement in late October 2011; thankfully it’s for the right reasons most of the times. The project, a brainchild of Union Minister for Human Resource and Development, Mr. Kapil Sibal, got a new boost to kick-start its second phase.

It is interesting to note that these funds would be utilized not just for the tablets alone but also to develop e-content for the tablets. If the sources and various reports are to be believed, the allotted amount should be more than sufficient as the Government requires Rs. 569 crores for procuring its target of 50 lakh Aakash 2 tablets. Thus these funds should go a long way in making the low cost Aakash 2 tablets available to the masses and especially to the students of various universities.

The allotted funds are in addition to Rs. 25 crores that were already provided for the Aakash 1 tablets, which IIT Rajasthan could not utilize effectively due to differences with the vendor, DataWind. The Government under National Mission for Education through ICT, plans to get these tablets at Rs. 2276 each and the same shall be provided to the state universities for further distribution at Rs. 1138 only as the rest of the cost would be subsidized by the Government.

However among all the rosy news about Aakash, there are a few hitches on the way as well. If sources close to officials heading the Aakash project and the one’s at DataWind are to be believed, there are quite a few differences in the accounts given by both sides. The government officials claim to have received only 500 units of Aakash 1 tablets; DataWind on the other hand claims to have supplied 10000 units of the same to IIT Rajasthan for which they still await the payments.

Further to the above discrepancies, there are also confusions over the exact specifications of the Aakash 2 tablets as IIT Rajasthan is keen to introduce military style specs to make it water and shock resistant, while the makers of the tablet do not seem to be keen on implementing these as it could lead to significant rise in production cost and thus affect the overall ‘low cost’ nature of it.  However by and large it seems that the specs announced by DataWind are the final specification as they were also recently seconded by Mr. Kapil Sibal himself, however no official word on the dispute is being made by the Government as they see it as a ‘commercial dispute’.

Among all the rush and confusion with regards to the Aakash 2 tablet that are already ready for distribution, the MHRD Minister announced that DataWind could supply them with 100000 units of Aakash 2 tablets with the ‘improved specs’. The allotment of the whopping amount in the Union budget for the Aakash project has also further led the minister to launch a tender for the next phase of Aakash tablets with even faster processor and probably a capacitive touchscreen, in the month of April 2012.

We do not know what the next phase of Aakash tablet holds for the masses and students in particular, but we can hope the petty disputes and misunderstanding between various parties involved in the Aakash project are resolved for the greater good to utilize the 765 crores allotted to it in the right and effective way. If all goes as per plan, India could very soon have the technological boost that its education system craves for and rightfully deserves.


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  3. Hi sir. How To Buy Original Aakash Tablet 2 ? Place How to buy Aakash Tab 2 sir place give me information ………
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