How to book Aakash tablet?

How to book Aakash Tablet onlineEver since its announcement in late October 2011 by Union MHRD Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal, Aakash tablets have become the talk of the town. But, how to get an Aakash tablet?  It is a tablet computer that lets you read and edit office documents and PDF files, browse the internet, lets you listen to music and watch videos. It is a portable device for education, work or just recreation and has a big advantage of being really light on the pocket monetarily.

To book an Aakash tablet, you need around Rs. 2999 only, but most importantly lots of patience. Booking of the Aakash tablet are only done online through DataWind’s website dedicated to this low cost tablet computer, As it is a tablet computer launched with a specific purposes, it is not available at retail stores.

The vision and ideology behind this low cost tablet computer is two folds; firstly to enable the students of various Indian state universities to get the best in technology and facilitate many e-learning modules and thus keeping the Indian education system abreast with the education patterns abroad. Secondly, it is for the common man; for people who cannot afford the expensive iPads or Android tablets or smart phones; to have a piece of modern day touch screen technology, which is within their reach and very easy on the pockets.

The booking procedure is pretty simple. On the first page itself on the site, you would come across a link to ‘check your status’ to check the status of an already booked Aakash tablet and another ‘Book now’ to book your tablet for the corresponding month. Once you click on the ‘Book now’ option, you would be presented with a page to fill in your details. You can pick your mode of payment. Usually people prefer cash on delivery option. Once you are done with the form and submission, you shall get a booking ID and a confirmation email from the company to the email address you register while filling the booking form.

If you are a student and need to book your Aakash tablet,  it is best to place the orders through your educational institutes or centers specified by the University of your State. This is because the Government is providing heavy subsidies on the Aakash tablets for students but this is not through DataWind, the company making the tablets. Hence the booking through their website would not entitle  any such subsidies for the students. For the students, the Government has its own distribution network and hence the students should approach their colleges to book their Aakash tablets.

After the orders are placed and the tablets available for delivery, the company will contact the person through either email or telephone. This delivery schedule is based on first come first serve basis i.e. the tablets would be delivered in the order of the orders placed. The company would also give preference to those tablet deliveries, of which the payment is already made in advance.

Once you are done with the placing of your order, you would have to wait patiently to get your Aakash tablet. This is because the production capacity for manufacturing these tablets is still not enough to meet the large scale demand for the Aakash tablets. But the Government has already taken the necessary steps to boost the production and distribution network of these tablets through various tenders and allocating sufficient amount of funds for this tablet project. This would eventually lead to faster distribution of the Aakash tablets.


  1. prashanth reddy says:

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    I want to buy a new tablet
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  4. nikhil ingale says:

    hello good afternoon sir… how to book version of aakash table 3
    i want to purchase it …. i am BE(CSE) final year student..
    plz send me whole details my mob no.8857924232 please send me details

    Reply me plzzzzzz,,, sir

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