Aakash 2 vs Wish Tel Ira: War of the cheapest tablets in India

Aakash Tablet vs Wishtel Ira-Detailed ComparisonAakash tablets have taken the country by storm. Aakash tablet is the initiative of Government of India to provide the students of various Universities a low cost computing device and enable the common public to own a piece of touchscreen device. What this has done is that it has started kind of a trend that has made the word ‘cheap’ in vogue. Companies like BSNL, iBall, Micromax or the new Wish Tel are not far behind.

Aakash tablets have sent the tablet making industry in to frenzy to not only come up with cheaper and cheaper tablets but also to make sure they are not just mere replicas of the Aakash in terms of its features and price. Aakash 2 is the new and improved version of the low cost tablet computer Aakash and will be ready to be distributed by April 2012. A new tablet also would be made available to the public from a company called Wish Tel who is coming up with low cost tablets under the name Ira, the other name of the Hindu Goddess of Education, Saraswati. Ira is also targeted at the masses and the students for their educational and recreational needs.

While Aakash 2 is backed by the Government of India, Ira tablets are manufactured by IT products maker Wish Tel, a private company, which incidentally lost out in the bid for manufacturing Aakash tablets to DataWind. Although Wish Tel’s Ira is a low cost tablet  price range is between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5500, which is twice the price at what Aakash Tablet is available..

Let’s put things in to perspective, by comparing Wish Tel’s Ira with Aakash 2.

Technical Specifications Aakash 2 (commercially known as Ubislate 7+) Wish Tel’s Ira Tablet
Weight 350 gms 370 gms
Screen 7 inches Resistive Touchscreen800 x 480 pixels resolution 7 inches Resistive Touchscreen800 x 480 pixels resolution
Battery 3200 m AH 2800 m AH
Operating System Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread with GET JAR app store Android 2.2.2 Froyo with ANDROID MARKET app store
Processor Cortex A8 700 MHz VIA WonderMedia ARM SoC 800 MHz
RAM 256 MB 256 MB
Memory 2 GB internal, expandable up to 32 GB via external memory 2 GB internal, expandable up to 32 GB via external memory
Connectivity WIFI, GPRS, SIM card functionality, USB and 3G Modem through USB port WIFI, built in 3G, SIM card functionality, USB port.
Media MP3 and other popular Audio formats along with Full HD video playback and streaming MP3 and other popular Audio formats along with 720 p HD video playback and streaming
Languages Supported Mainly English and others Supported by Google in their OS. English and all Google supported languages along with a wide number of INDIAN languages
Price Rs. 2999 Rs. 4000


Pictorial comparisons of the two tablets:

Aakash Tablet compared to Wish Tel Ira

Aakash Tablet or UbiSlate 7+

Wish Tel Ira compared to Aakash 2 or UbiSlate 7+

Wish Tel IRA

As you have seen from the above comparison, there is not much  to choose between the two tablets. – be it the specs or the form factor (as seen in the images above). Yet, the Wish Tel Ira score slightly more in terms of its language support for the Indian consumers and the processor. However, note that won’t b much if a difference in performance between an ARM Soc 800 MHZ and a Cortex A8 700 MHZ. Also for the ones who are more in to apps and stuff, the full access to Google’s Android Market could develop a slight bias towards the Ira, but then again the Ira runs an older Operating System, has 400 m AH battery capacity and is priced Rs. 1000 higher.

However, there is a slightly upgraded version of the Wish Tel Ira too, called Wish Tel Ira Thing. The specifications of the Thing are pretty much similar to the standard Ira tablet barring the RAM that is 512 MB compared to Ira’s 256 MB and the touchscreen which is capacitive for theWish Tel Ira  Thing and resistive for the Ira. The price also is Rs. 5500 for the Ira Thing as against Rs. 4000 of the Ira.

There is a long list of low cost tablets coming up in the market after Aakash almost single handedly raged a war against all tablets in the market. However as of now there’s not much to choose between the tablets as some are priced low and some have a feature or two more than the other, but by and large they offer similar functionality and performance.

A recent survey suggests that the low cost tablets would occupy around 60% of the market share by 2016. However, in this war of low cost tablets, the deciding factors to determine a winner would ultimately boil down to who provides prompt deliveries, stable systems and efficient after sales and tech support. No matter whosoever becomes a market leader in the low-cost tablet market,  ultimately the common man is the one who could find himself swimming in the easily accessible sea of technology, courtesy the competitively priced low cost tech devices.


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