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UbiSlate 7 Android Tablet - Commercial version of Aakash TabletFor those looking forward to buying the new Aakash tablet, which is commercially called UbiSlate 7; here’s a rundown of what all you should know.

Aakash or UbiSlate 7 is recently upgraded to Aakash 2 or UbiSlate 7+. Aakash, launched in October 2011, was a brainchild of the MHRD ministry and headed by the Mr. Kapil Sibal to empower the students of India with low cost tablet computers to make them at par with the international education standards and implement a nation-wide e-learning program for the various state universities. The Aakash tablets were manufactured by DataWind, and priced at Rs. 2500 for the masses and at subsidized price of Rs. 1138 for the students. Government even offered these tablets for free to the students of various Universities.

Initially 30000 tablets were handed over to a few select colleges and students and IIT Rajasthan in particular, as a means to get the initial user reviews and feedback on the performance of the tablets before its mass production.

After the initial reviews DataWind and the MHRD ministry decided to revamp and improve on the specs of Aakash 1. Here’s a look at the tech-specs of the Aakash 1. They pretty much speak for themselves as to why the tablet needed an immediate revamp.

Specs of the Aakash tablet:

  • Android 2.2.2 Froyo
  • 7 inch resistive touchscreen
  • 366 MHz processor
  • 256 MB Ram
  • 2GB internal memory
  • 2100 M Ah battery
  • PDF viewer and Document editor
  • Picture viewer and HD video player
  • USB and WIFI for connectivity

Look at the top 4 features and you know why the revamp was fast-tracked. Android Froyo was by and large a slightly buggy OS from Android; that coupled with the mere 366 MHz processor and 256 MB RAM on a resistive touchscreen made the overall package a laggy and sluggish device. Only surprise was the HD videos that played smoothly on the device and that was mainly due to a separate media accelerating chip. Keeping these points in mind, Government and DataWind along with Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited and Indian Telephone Industries went ahead with revamping the Aakash tablet, keeping its ‘Made in India tablet’ tag intact. The cost of this tablet is Rs. 2999 for masses and again almost half and maybe even free for the students who book it through their colleges.

Aakash 2 or commercially UbiSlate 7+ was launched in April 2012, with the following spec sheet:

  • Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread
  • 7 inch resistive touchscreen
  • 700 MHz ARM cortex A8 processor
  • 256 MB RAM (with improved performance, as claimed by the company)
  • 2GB internal memory which is expandable via external memory card
  • 3200 M Ah battery
  • USB and WIFI connectivity with SIM card support for full phone functionality
  • 3G connectivity via external USB dongle and video calling via USB webcam
  • PDF viewer and Document editor
  • Full HD video playback, courtesy dedicated HD video co-processor
  • Picture viewer, music player

As you can see above, there is a vast difference in the tech specs in the new Aakash tablet. The processor itself is doubly fast and that alone makes quiet a noticeable difference in the overall performance of the tablet. Add to that the 3G connectivity option and the SIM card support means the device is not only WIFI and 3G capable but can have GPRS internet via a 2G network as well. The company also offers a 2GB data plan at Rs. 98 a month for internet access. The battery life is also pretty acceptable now. This tablet also got a boost in the recent Union budget that allocated Rs. 765 crores for the Aakash tablet project.

Given all of the above factors, you now have a device that is internet ready, 3G capable, plays high quality HD videos, can make calls and sms, has a PDF and e book reader, can edit and view Office Documents for educational or other purposes, can be used as a portable educational device to read e-textbooks or study material, make online presentation and submissions and has a GET JAR app store for downloading extra free apps for education, games and other useful functions. All this is for under Rs. 3000. What more can you ask in a device that is so affordable and also has pretty acceptable performance.

Currently to book the Aakash tablet you have to log on to the official website and you shall find a link on the homepage to book the tablet and other details. However if you are a student it is advisable to book it through your college or University to avail of the various subsidies that the Government is offering the students, that the official website does not provide.


  1. Avanish Pandey says:

    I have a ubislate
    It not spot gov. Vebsite PDF file
    Pls help me

  2. my ubislate 7c+ has stopped on the startscreen ………..when i switch it on it stopps at datawind logo…….pls hlp me to solve this problem



  4. abbas ali says:

    I got my pre booked ubislate 7c+ yesterday. I opened the box and keep it in charge 8 hours. I presed its start key but it could not start. I tried many time but failed. what this problem is? Ple guide me .

  5. SRINIVASAN.K says:

    my Akash unislate7 Android tablet tata docomo insert, but the net is not working. Please help me the net working process.

  6. very good in touch n facility but internet performance is very poor with simcard n the dongle not connect in proper way

  7. dr.ashok kumar says:

    since delivary the ubislate7+ is not working,it needs to be reinstalled[os]give solution.

  8. Hi,
    I have uninstalled an app in Ubislate 7ci, I used it for some time,then switched it off. Later it show’s only “android” , “android”, “android”, “android” untill the device is on.what to do .some help plz!!!

  9. Solitario Lobo says:

    It’s really amusing to note that almost all the buyers expect “The Best” at a throw-away price! It’s like expecting to receive a Rolls Royce at the price of a broken-down Maruti! U get what U pay for! Why are there so many complaints now?

  10. dear sir, I was sent an amount Rs.2999.00 for Aakash tablet pc vide
    syndicate bank darbhanga cheque no.292371 dt.24.2.2012,your email also
    received by me that my cheque has excepted. after pass 12 months. I
    could not get my aakash tablet pc. If you will not supply such aakash
    tablet pc within 10 days. I will take a shelter before the appropriase
    court. Kindly sir deliver my aakash tablet. my email ID- my address :- debu das Muh-Laxmisagar chakkar
    po- Laxmisagar Dist Darbhanga Pin -846009 Mobile-09471929813

    • its beter you go for byond tablet from flip kart @ of Rs.4250 they have service centres in most of the citys and states

  11. Mohamad Nauman says:

    Dear DTAWIND Team

    i recieved my UBI slate 7+ on july 12 2012 and it gone faluty after two months ,again repaired device received after two month repairing time and now its external keybord not working.
    as mention on ur & DATAWIND web pages UBI slate 7+ have android 2.3 & 2 usb ports, n 3200 mah battery

    but when i checked my UBI slate 7+, its run on android 2.2, have only 1 usb port & only 3000 mah battery which gives veru poor performence

    i tried your customer care no. 1-800-180-2-180 but no one giving response there too?

    DATAWIND told me they will share the link with all the customers to update android version on their device 3 months ago, but till no reply from them

    also contacting you so many times via email, i’m not getting any kind of proper reply or any kind of help from your company?

    pls help me what can i do with this piece of junk crap which doesn’t work since last 2 months,

    my money totaly wasted for this junkss.

    Mohd Nauman

  12. i have ubislate7+ its touch working not properly, its lock is not open.please help.i tried to formatting but the above site is show page not find 404. please sent android os …

  13. Hi…! I m expecting to buy this prdct can any one plz guide me weather shud i or not…?

  14. Bhoomesh molkalomur says:

    Plz ahkash Ubslaet7- 7+ infarm,plz

    • Rakesh Dhir says:

      I want Ubislate 7+ and money is deducted from my account 31 may 2012 but ubislate is no delivered till now .

  15. Nitin patil says:

    when delivery process starts?
    The delivery starts 15-31may but no one get their tablet?

  16. Ade Tukaram Ragunath says:

    book aakash tab.2

  17. where is my tab. Booking no. is PM7CF7 Payment is also clear. What’s STATUS

  18. I got this tablet (ubslate 7+)yesterday and i am so disappointed. nothing working correctly and processsing speed is much much slow and even touch screen is 2bad. i just waste my money on it. i wish i could have bought cheap chinese mobile instead of this world most worst tablet. i think no1 is satisfied after getting this on hand….. remember guys, world cheap tablet means world worst tablet ….. if u don’t want to be fool as became, then dont buy this……..


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