Less than 600 Aakash tablets distributed so far!

Aakash Tablet and RTIThe much anticipated and hyped Low Cost tablet computer of India – Aakash, was announced with much fan-fare and were to be distributed to the individual applicants and students of various Universities from April 2012. However, less than 600 Aakash tablets have been distributed so far. This was revealed by an RTI query filed by MediaNama, a news website. To be precise only 572 Aakash tablets have been distributed thus far.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Rajasthan had placed an order of 1 Lac Aakash tablets with DataWind, the company manufacturing these tablets. However there was dispute regarding the initial quality of the tablets based on performance and battery life etc. This delayed the manufacturing and distribution and led to a delivery of only 6440 tablets to IIT Rajasthan. Of these the Institute has distributed only 572 tablets, from which the students of IIT Rajasthan are the highest recipient of these tablets with 181 tablets distributed. Remaining units were distributed among 18 other institutes, as revealed by the RTI reply. The other major recipient of the Aakash tablets is Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra who received 59 units. Of the 572 units, 26 units are given to various coordinators.

MHRD Minister and the visionary behind the Aakash tablet project, M. Kapil Sibal, said that the distribution is hampered due to the tablets not meeting the desired specifications. IIT Rajasthan has ‘conditionally’ accepted 650 tablets and rejected the rest from the 6440 units supplied by DataWind. The new tablets that shall be distributed would be of the improved specifications with 700 Mhz Processor, 256 MB RAM, 3200 m AH battery among other changes. Calling the Aakash tablets as Low Cost Access Devices or LCADs, Mr. Sibal said that since the lot exceeded the stipulated 5% of acceptable defective LCADs, the lot had to be rejected with only 650 devices being retained by IIT Rajasthan.

Mr. Sibal also clarified that there hasn’t been any payment made to DataWind by IIT Rajasthan so far. Moreover the procurement mandate has been withdrawn from IIT Rajasthan and been given to IIT Mumbai, he further added. This mandate is for the procurement of new upgraded Aakash tablets which should have begun in May, according to Mr. Sibal. However there is still no clarity on the process as to whether or not the procurement has started.

The further revelations of the RTI also shed light on the companies that were part of the tender process that was eventually handed over to DataWind. The other companies are Bangaluru based Bharat Electronics Ltd and EAFT Technologies, Mumbai’s Fitech Equipments (I) Pvt Ltd., Hydrabad’s Moschips Semiconductor Technology Ltd and New Delhi based ST Microelectronics Marketing Pvt Ltd.

Other important thing to note from the RTI by MediaNama was that Rs. 47.72 crores have been received by IIT Rajasthan from the Government of which Rs. 25 crores would be for Testing and Development of these tablets or LCADs and remaining 22.72 crores for Teacher Empowerment.


  1. swapna kumari says:

    how amazing was this tablet pc . features are good compared to others competly with the popularity of Aakash tablet and take the advantage of the delayed delivery of Aakash Tablets, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) entered into a Joint Venture with Pantel Technologies Pvt Ltd, […] .

    feed back for distributors of aakash pc in hyderabad.as student how can i apply

  2. m s suresh babu says:

    I booked in November 2011 and paid the amount in April-2012, since then these people are playing games by stating that you will receive your order in July-2012, after expiry of the july-12 and many
    more mails to them, again promised that you will receive the order in August-2012 then it was postponed to October-2012,

    the media and Govt. is focusing the price of the tablet, but not looking into the delivery issues and procuring the huge amount by way of advance by making false promises to the customers, recently the data wind is promising to the customers that it will be shipped within 48 hours if you pay in advance 7+, 7ci models.

    is it believable if so what about earlier customers who were paid well in advance and waiting for shipping for more that 8 months, gods knows only.

  3. Naseer Ahmad Khan says:

    please don’t make it too long to dilvery pc. Iam waitting since 1 year

  4. very nice tablet at low cost

  5. nice and good using to us. can buy this. tell me prosessar

  6. i booked akash, till recently they told me to wait for next month. i booked in june for akash 7+. how do i go abt it? customer care told me to send mail after begging… help

  7. Sar ,
    I request to sale akaash tab 2 imform my mail and leastart vargin i am studing in b.com from shivaji univarsity so sir i request lonch my collage

  8. Dear all,
    Don’t book for Aakash Tablet PC/UbiSlate of Datawind Innovations Pvt. Limited, they are cheating with customers. I booked and paid Rs.2999/- in 2nd May 2012, but till today I have not got my tablet. In the middle of August 2012, I sent mail at refund@datawind.com with my bank a/c information again I have not received my payment till today. They only inform me that “Your Order is under process, you will sure receive your tablet in next month……” or “Your refund is under process…….” from the beginning. So be alert.

  9. Ashutosh says:

    1. aakash was NOT to be supplied to individual applicants. it was a test tab to get feedback for a device to be intially provided to students of higher education
    2.there are NO disputes regarding the battery life and specs…the device was developed as per specs decided by IIT-Rajasthan
    3. IIT Rajasthan made foolish demands after the device had been developed as per the specs decided by them….for what did they need a device which could withstand rain for 2 days is anybodies wonder!…they were demanding features which are present in military use tabkets worth $1000!
    4. no one knows what the director of IIT-Rajasthan has done with the remaining tabs if only 650 wre given to students!

    • Anas Irfan says:

      Dear sir when we will get the Aakash 2 tablet..
      we are waiting since 1 year ago…
      still waiting….

      • ssuresh babu says:

        dont wait for delivery i am also one of the victim of the datawind i paid in april-2012, i was assured to deliver it in july, then August and october, there is no action from them, i think we lost our money by softway


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