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Price of BSNL Android Tablet - TPadsThere were telephones, then there were computers, then came laptops and cellphones. But today we have these ‘all in one devices’, which can make calls, run games, browse the internet, get your presentations done and so on and so forth. These are tablet computers and as these high-end devices grow in the markets, there’s a spur in the low cost tablets as well. Leading the low cost revolution are tablets like Aakash, BSNL Tpads, Micromax funbook etc. Here’s a rundown on the BSNL Tablets or Tpad, and all you need to know about this device.

BSNL Tpad- What is it all about:

Well, with the Aakash tablet’s aggressive pricing and the hype around it, the market was left wide open for a new category of devices, the low cost tablet computers. To compete with the popularity of Aakash tablet and take the advantage of the delayed delivery of Aakash Tablets, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) entered into a Joint Venture with Pantel Technologies Pvt Ltd, a Noida based company to manufacture low cost tablet computer to directly compete as well as better the specs and features of Aakash tablets. While the Aakash comes in one version, the BSNL Tpads come in 3 variants, priced at Rs 3250, Rs. 10500 and Rs. 13000 called IS701R, WS704C and WS802C respectively. These tablets are aimed at the students as well as other professional users and all run Android’s Gingerbread 2.3.3 OS.

How is BSNL Tpad different from Aakash?

Aakash or commercially known as UBISLATE 7 comes in one version with a 700 MHz processor that runs Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread operating system with 256 MB RAM. It has a built in storage of 2GB and can be expanded, has WIFI and USB slot and SIM card support with 3G capability via 3G dongle. It can also play music and Full HD videos and has Document and PDF viewer. It’s a 7 inch resistive touchscreen.

BSNL Tpad IS701R is in direct competition with Aakash, because of its identical specs and pricing. Aakash is priced at Rs. 2999 and BSNL Tpad comes at Rs. 3250. IS701R has similar basic features such as 7 inch resistive screen, 256 MB RAM, USB and WIFI support with 3G capability and plays music and Full HD videos. Where this tablet differs from Aakash is the processor, camera and SIM card support. IS701R has a 1 GHZ processor a VGA camera and HDMI connectivity but does not have a SIM card slot.

The other two tablets WS704c and WS802c are the higher end devices that have features way above the Aakash tablet and IS701R including SIM card slots.

The WS704c is priced at Rs. 10500 and comes with a 1GHz processor, 7 inch capacitive touch screen, but has 512 MB RAM, 4GB internal storage that can be further expanded. Bluetooth, 3G, WIFI and USB along with HDMI are provided for connectivity and has A-GPS and Accelerometer and 2MP rear camera and VGA front camera. Sounds interesting? Well the version WS802c has even better features and is priced higher at Rs. 13000. The screen is an 8 inch capacitive one and the processor is boosted to 1.2 GHz as opposed to the 1 GHz in its siblings. The other features include 3G capability, WIFI, USB, HDMI connectivity, Bluetooth, 4GB internal storage and 2MP rear and VGA front cameras. Accelerometer and A-GPS further add to the goody-bag of this device.

How to buy the BSNL Tpads?

Just like the Aakash tablets, BSNL tablets can be bought online through the website http://www.pantel.in/. You can select the tablet model depending on your specification and budget and place an order. Once you submit the request you would get a booking ID confirming your order. The mode payment for now is cash on delivery. Alternatively you can place your order by given all your details over the phone by calling up the number +91 120-4805200. Also according to the company, these tablets should have been available through retail purchases by March 2012. However that hasn’t been effectively possible so far and a preferred mode is the online purchase.

What about after sales support?

Customers can place their service requests or complaints on their website or contact the number given above for all their after sales support requirements


  1. Worthless tablet! Don’t Book. Initially I was planning to book this tab, but later changed my mind as it is not advisable to leap before physically checking it. It was right! one of my friend booked this and is now infront of me. Before any body by this tab just have experienced with it. It is useful for wifi network, videos, music only. Some cheaper china phones would serve better purpose. GSM/GPRS connection not possible as SIM is not identified. No service available, poor plastics. It is proven that India cannot compete with the cheap electronic markets which under the capture of China.


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