Fun or Bore: Hands on Review of the New Micromax Funbook

Micromax Funbook is a tablet introduced at a price point which is crammed with a lot of other companies like Zync, iBerry, Karbon, Reliance, HCL etc., which is the Rs. 10000 tablet market. The pricing is attractive and so are the specs on paper, whether or not they live up to the promise out of its sales box is what we will see.

Tech Specs of the Funbook:

  • 7 inch capacitive touchscreen with 800×480 pixel resolution
  • Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system
  • 1.2 GHz cortex A8 processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 2 GB in-built storage with micro SD card slot for expansion
  • WIFI, mini USB and mini HDMI ports for connectivity
  • Music and Full HD (1080p) video support
  • Google Play store for downloading apps in addition to the pre-loaded apps
  • 0.3 MP front facing camera
  • 2800 m AH battery

The tech specs look very impressive on paper, especially considering the price of Rs. 6499 and the upgraded Android 4.0.3 on a 1.2 GHz processor. Well, a closer look at the actual tablet performance does vindicate the specs and performs pretty decently and at times surprisingly well.

Review of New Micromax Funbook ICS TabletUser Interface and basic hardware:

The tablet runs ICS out of the box and that is a welcome change in the attitude of manufacturers, who previously dished out low cost tablets running outdated versions of Android namely 2.2 or 2.3. Having said that, Micromax hasn’t put any effort in customizing the UI on the Funbook, and it comes with the stock ICS user-interface, giving a pure Android ICS experience with Google’s default UI. The tablet sports three hardware keys on its face for the typical Android functions of options, home and back, which is a nice touch, but not actually required as ICS has these three buttons as part of its UI on the taskbar that sits below the overall UI.

The hardware keys on the tablet (left) and the touch sensitive buttons on the taskbar in the UI (right)

The UI is pretty responsive though not as zippy as probably a Galaxy Tab or an iPad, but it does the job (let’s remember it’s an under Rs. 10,000 tablet.) The icons are well spaced out, touch is decently responsive, though the tab may take a second or two to turn on the screen once it is on sleep mode and has to be unlocked. The relatively disappointing thing is the presence of a mini USB port in place of a micro USB port, while the manufacturers from around the world are looking at unified charging and connectivity solutions by adding a micro USB port. The volume rocker keys are towards the right side of the tab with a power/unlock key. The mini HDMI, charging slots are located at the bottom.

The resolution of 800×480 is decent for a 7 inch tablet but the aspect ratio may get a bit weird for some apps as the menus may appear stretched. Again, not a major setback but something the company could have worked on. Again this could be due to the fact that not much effort has gone into customizing the UI for the tablet.

Music, Videos, Connectivity and performance

Again no efforts from Micromax to make changes to the stock ICS music player, which isn’t bad either as the equalizer presets are there for access. Music plays well enough and the sound is pretty good and the speaker on the tab is enough to fill a small room with powerful sound. The Funbook plays pretty much every known video formats including 1080p full HD videos and the low resolution of the screen does not hamper the joy of watching these videos. Videos are smooth and play without any issues. The HDMI port adds to the Funbook’s video playback features by making it a portable media device as it can be connected to your HD TV with ease. The built in video player has a few cool options to convert videos to 3D as well.

For connectivity the Funbook comes with WIFI and mini USB slot. The mini USB slot can transform into a regular USB slot via a convertor cable and this adds another connectivity dimension to the tablet as it enables any 3G dongle to be connected via USB, making it 3G enabled device and the VGA front camera enables video chats. WIFI connectivity is fast and pretty straight forward as is the case on any Android device. So you have a device that is WIFI enabled and 3G capable. For those of you missing the Bluetooth and SIM card connectivity, keep reminding yourself all the above features at a price tag of Rs. 6499 and it should make you feel slightly better.

Overall performance of the Funbook is pretty acceptable and at par in some cases like music playback and videos.

Micromax Funbook low cost Android Tablet cost - ICSBattery, Camera, Web Browsing and Apps

Battery is on the lower side at 2800 m AH and would require charging probably after 5-6 hours or so of an extended web browsing or video playback session. In any case the battery should last for a day under regular use, but may require charging at the end of it. Camera at 0.3 MP is decent for video chats but below par for self-portraits.

Web browsing is decent and the Android browser is very good as it is on most Android devices. However for those who need customized browsers, the Play Store is there to select any browser of one’s choice. However the browsing maybe hampered mainly by the battery as it might need charging after continuous use of WIFI. Reading the web pages can get slightly under whelming due to its low resolution screen.

The Funbook comes with Google’s Play Store and pretty much the common apps should work without much fuss. Apart from that, the tablet comes with a few preloaded apps like the HD-Player, Flash Player, Audio recorder and a file manager to take care of pretty much all basic requirements of a user.

Micromax Android Icecream Sandwich TabletThe Micromax Funbook is pretty fun actually for those on a tight budget or anyone looking for a value for money tablet. However, keep in mind that it is a ‘value-for-money’ tablet as the value and goodies you get are good compared to its price group. All in all the Funbook is a pretty nice buy at Rs. 6499 if you can live with a few small drawbacks, mainly the battery life and the screen resolution. There are others in the market as well that are worth looking at like the ones from Karbonn, iBerry or Zync offered at similar specs and price range.


  1. Rajgor govind says:

    My reqvarment is sim card supporte directly
    otherwice ok

  2. vikram pable says:

    it is very defective tab i ever seen.
    i have funbook tab .it’s my personal experiance.
    i gave to servicing center 2 month before for reparing, but still not repair.

  3. m planing to buy a new tablet cheap and best with sim cards facilities .. can u suggest me

  4. can we insert a sim card / if it is not please suggest me which one is the best tablet to personal use

  5. pendrave not detected,many times switch offing

  6. Anindya Giri says:


  7. details required

    • recently i bought funbook pro. worst one ever seen. without charger its not switched on. very slow. sometime hanging.. dont go for this.

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