Aakash Tablet and UBISlate Pictures-$50-60 Tablets

Here are 14 images of Aakash/UbiSlate Tablet that we collated from across the web. We’re sure you will love them and like everyone else, would be amazed how such an amazing device can be available for Rs. 2500 or Rs. 1138 if you are a Mumbai University student.

Click the images to watch them as a slideshow.

Some of the above collated images are courtesy NDTV


  1. sonu prajapat says:

    I m student . i want to buy this tablet. pls contact me. 9783235060.
    my Email. sonuprajapat602@gmail.com .

  2. saurabh yadao says:

    My tab was not come:|

  3. Please dont buy aakash as they never ship it I ordered in the month of Feb. 2012 and still waiting and they just heep giving choopaas. When I ask for refund still the same till now no money no tablet.

  4. Plse tell me where is available this tablet akash II so that can I Buy coz, that are not easily available to other places.

  5. hw 2 book diz akash tab ..?
    wat is the nxt step aftr going through dat e mail addrs http://www.akashtablet.com/
    totally confused ..

  6. how i can buy this tablet?
    i want to buy it from IRAN.
    plz reply me.

  7. Pradeep singh says:

    hi I am Pradeep singh Is this tablet is only for students or any one can get it.


    bhai maine apne liye 1 pic akash tablet book karaya tha uska abhi tak koi bhi mail nahi aya or nahi akash tablet. kab tak milega ye kuch to mail karo………….

  9. neeraj bhardwaj says:

    is me suder ki jarut hai

  10. sahil madaan says:

    when will the Aakash tablet comes answer me in this e-mail madaans93@yahoo.com

  11. Hello, Your is a great article the above is fantastic can someone reply to tell me how to sing up for your newsletter

  12. mohammed mazhar says:

    I am very happy with Indian Government that giving good opportunities to the Students…
    thank you…. thank you very much to Indian Govt…..

  13. reply me to this email id that how to buy aakash and in which places is aakash there and say 10 places is there an aakash of 1750 2500 and 2500


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