Can I still book an Aakash tablet?

Just when we thought the Aakash tablet was a thing of the past, the news of its resurgence arrives and this time it was the President, Mr. Pranab Mukkherjee, making the announcement of the new Aakash Tablet to be launched for the students, again in collaboration with Datawind. It’s called Aakash 2 or wait, Aakash 3. We are as confused with the nomenclature of these tablets as the public at large.

There was the First Aakash tablet, with a 366 MHz processor among other things, then in early 2012 the upgrade with a 700 MHz processor was announced which was then called Aakash 2.  But with this announcement we would take the official word from the Government and call the latest one Aakash 2. And yes it is available for booking online, albeit in its commercial version as Ubislate with various iterations as 7Ci (which is the exact commercial version of the Aakash 2), Ubislate 7C+ and Ubislate 7Cz.

There is still no official word on the booking process of the student version of Aakash tablet 2 but the pricing would be around Rs. 1130 for students which is a subsidized price, as the actual cost at which Datawind would deliver it is Rs. 2263 per piece to the Government. With that said, those who wish to buy  Aakash tablet can order the commercial version Ubislate through the official website or at a price of Rs. 4499 which is Rs. 1500 higher than the previous version. The reason for this hike is the upgrade.

Lets take a look at the features of the Aakash 2 Tablet:

  • 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 4 GB internal flash memory, expandable via micro SD card
  • 7 inch Capacitive touch screen (much needed, welcome change)
  • WIFI and USB connectivity for external drives, keyboards and 3G modems
  • Android 4.0.3 ICS operating system
  • G sensors and VGA front camera

Pre-Book Upgraded version of New Aakash Tablet or Aakash 2The above Aakash tablet features are pretty good upgrades considering mainly the price at which these will go to the students and also it isn’t a bad price for the commercial buyer who can buy Aakash tablet online from the websites mentioned above. The other versions of the tablet mentioned on the site come with the same above configuration but a few enhancements. The 7C+ comes with SIM card functionality and WIFI+GPRS which enables internet on the go and does not depend on the 3G dongle required in the student version. The price of the Ubislate 7C+ is Rs. 4999. The 7Cz is the most feature packed among the three with SIM functionality, GPRS and Dual Camera, but does not specify the resolution of the rear camera. As expected the Ubislate 7Cz is priced at Rs. 5999.

Along with the price difference there’s also a difference in the delivery times of these tablets from the time you make the payments. Yes, this time too Datawind has the same policy of giving priorities to those who pre-pay on booking and hand over the Cash on Delivery ones at the end. The Ubislate 7Ci will be shipped within 48 hours of payment receipt, the 7C+ will be shipped within 72 hours of payments while the 7Cz is a pre booking which puts its shipping at ‘within 3 weeks of payment’. However the website does have all options of payment from immediate online payments, DD/cheques and even cash on delivery. So if you are patient enough you can chose the cheque/DD or even the cash on delivery option.

Once again the Government and Datawind have made promises to speed up production and ensure faster and prompt deliveries as there are still lot of people and students who haven’t received the previous version of the tablet for over 7-8 months after ordering them online. Datawind has also conceded that their objective to make it a truly ‘Made in India’ tablet seems to be weakening as to increase production and meet the demands they would have to outsource some of the production work to China as well. Whatever be the ultimate outcome, the efforts are still there and it is good to see. But if you are ordering your Aakash tablet now, be advised to take the delivery and shipping claims on the website with a pinch of salt or rather a spoonful of salt as delays are pretty inevitable.


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  3. i am a student and i want to book a tablet

  4. datawind are update wrong information on site..regarding other product better than datawind..

  5. shivansh tripathi says:

    i want to buy a tab and i am a student.

  6. i pay advance payment in may 2012.but i loss my money .

  7. mukesh kr. singh says:

    as a engg. student i want to buy aakash tab please give me full info and your contact no.

  8. just making a fool please be careful before buying i have lost my money u be careful that’s all to say.


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