Customer Feedback on Datawind – The makers of Aakash, Aakash 2 and UbiSlate Tablets

The customer feedback for Datawind was from ‘decent’ to ‘average’ and in some cases even below par. Datawind had also setup a customer care helpline for the Aakash and Ubislate (name of the commercial version), but it was unable to withstand the volume of calls and the company admitted that the response was ‘overwhelming’, thus subtly accepting their inability to match the orders and also respond to customer queries.

The first Aakash had very outdated specs and one of Android’s buggiest OS versions, namely 2.2 Froyo. Though the processor and the OS were upgraded to 700 MHz and Android 2.3, respectively but still it gave a very disappointing tablet experience. Yes, some might argue that it was Rs. 2500 tablet, but still some better show was expected. Secondly, very few got the tablet, while for most of the online orders; the delivery took as long as 6-7 months and leaving many without receiving their tablet. These factors left a sour taste among those who wished to own the Datawind Aakash tablet.

As of today, yet another upgrade to its Ubislate tablets is announced along side the launch of the Aakash 2 tablet. These tablets are Ubislate 7Ci (the commercial version of the Aakash 2), Ubislate 7C+ and the Ubislate 7Cz. The feedback for these is far better than what it was for the Aakash and Ubislate 7. Datawind for once has made a clear guideline for the delivery schedules and the priority of various deliveries based on the mode of payment which you can find at .

Customer Review of Datawind Company which manufactures Aakash and UbiSlate TabletsThe tablet itself is priced at Rs. 4499 for the Aakash 2 equivalent. Its has better response, thanks to its 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM and ICS or Android 4.0 operating system. Moreover it has a 7 inch capacitive touch screen this time as opposed to the resistive one on its predecessor. Apart from that the tablet comes with proprietary browser called Datawind Ubisurfer, that can compress webpages to speed up browsing and reduce data cost. The tablet is however restricted by its WIFI only version and results in limitations of internet usage to places only where WIFI is available.

The tablet also has 3G capabilities via an external dongle and has a front facing VGA camera for video chat. Apart from the basic Google stuff, the tablet does not have much apps or software, but does throw in Google Playstore, so you can download what you like. Office reader and editor are present along with a PDF reader. Youtube videos play well in the app but are a mess if played in the browser. The student version is said to have a few more educational software and apps preloaded and may also contain various lessons from different grades. The screen is pretty decent with 800 x 480 resolution. Overall the usage is pretty decent.

The other two variants, Ubislate 7C+ and Ubislate 7Cz fair the same in terms of performance, which is fairly acceptable and reasonable for its pricing. However they have calling capabilities and can have GPRS internet for staying connected on-the-go. The 7Cz also comes with Dual camera and Bluetooth features. The 7C+ comes for Rs. 4999 and the 7Cz comes for Rs. 5999.

Overall, it is safe to say that Datawind has taken efforts to improve on the deliveries and the performance issues of the tablets, though there is still a long way to go, but its looks promising so far. For the current version of Ubislates or Aakash tablet it must be said that they offer pretty good functionality for the price at which they are offered. But then again spend an extra 500 or 1000 bucks and you have some nice offerings from the likes of Micromax and Karbonn who give better performance and features and have immediate deliveries. Choice is yours.


  1. dear, sir&madem
    my tablet to dis play crack to help my tab 1 year warrnty ok

  2. I am purchased UBISLATE 3G7. It is worked only one week after it is not working. Please guide us . How it solve.

  3. please dear don’t purchase any product manufacture by datawind company. it have less quality and not service. it make fool to all Indian people.

  4. Dear Sir,
    have Akash 2 Tablet, Pl. let me know how can data tranfer from other mobile without bluetooth.
    Bluetooth facility not available in this tablet.

  5. js nooka raju says:

    my ubislate 7cz tablet is not getting started. please send me the list of authorised service centre at visakhapatnam, andhrapradesh.

  6. natwar lohar says:

    iam recive akash03 dt20.07.13 and next day akash tablet sreen is down affer same time sreen is ok
    but few 10 minute no dark in my akash tablet is problem so plaese anser me

  7. s.kanthiah says:

    Dear sir,

    I had booked one piece of Ubislate 7C+ in the month of april 2012 , made full payment of rs.4300/ .
    Now i am in doubt whether there is Datawind is existing at all. I feel i m cheated.
    Kindly look in to the matter. Aakash Tablet Firm has lost its name , There are more complaints that appreciations.

    My booking ID pm 280 dofc 93F.

  8. Ajith P S says:

    I got the tablet after making the payment in advance and waiting for 4 months.
    After using for 2 months, the TAB stopped working, the tab was struck at the datawind logo that I sent mail to & They recorded a service call and provided me a service call number and asked me to submit the defective TAB at their service provider – AccelFrontline. I submitted the same at the service center and after a month I got it back. While receiving the device it was not working, it required charging. since the TAB required a lot of time to get charged I accepted the device and left the service centre.
    I found the TAB in the same condition as I submitted with the service cerntre. I tried to contact the customer care by email a lot many times and not one responded to my emails. THe customer care number is also not working.

    THese guys are the number one cheaters in this country now backed with govt support.
    Don’t buy this product …………….

  9. last month i received my aakash 7ci tablet…..but on opening the package, i was shocked to see that the screen was full of scratches….when contacted the cust support no one answered responsibly…..i asked for refund/replacement…but no response……i advise not to go for datawind, the device has lot of problems, delayed delivery, irresponsible customer suppport?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Waiting for four & half month I got the 7cz. But it cannot download application from Googleplay. Also 7cz is not available in listing of device in googleplay.

  11. BHARGAV REDDY says:

    got delivered 4 months ago …. but thing is that the quality of the tablet is a bit low (in terms of battery others are good ) my tab 7ci is not at all getting charged even when connected for several hours ….. in my view better go for micro max or celkon since they got descent waranty period 6months -1 year. though the price seems to be attractive but my rating is 4/10 for this one

  12. p chelladurai says:

    year ago i sent full amount when you will send the great akash tablet pc IEXPECT YOUR reply
    my phone no 09442500519

  13. BIMALENDU SAHA says:

    This company is a great cheater . I have booked in December’11 and paid the money aready. They should beg for money. I know, they are shameless , will not bother . I will advice purchasers not to fall in Datawind’s trap. They have a big hand, international cheater.


    Recently I got delivery of the Ubislate 7C+ after one year that too after paying additional Rs.1500. It is a defective piece. There is no sound. When contacted the co. I was told to bring the device at Amritsar. Who will bear thew expenditures? I advise people don’t purchase the device.Instead a number of gadgets are available in market at the same price with better specifications.


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