From where can you buy a Micromax Funbook Tablet?

Micromax is a company that has grown leaps and bounds ever since it has entered the Android devices space and have always been focused towards youth oriented products and marketing. While its tag line ‘nothing like anything’ may be a bit over the top, it is surely a company that has made better products as compared to its peers, mainly other Indian companies. Its Funbook line of tablets is an example of this success. Micromax Funbook were the ones that truly got the consumers taking low cost Indian tablets and mobile phones seriously.

Micromax Funbooks come in various prices and configurations to suit an individual and won’t make him/her broke after the purchase. The Micromax Funbook specifications are solid and they are currently all running Android 4.0.3 Ice cream sandwich operating system and have a minimum of 1.2 GHz Cortex A8 processor and are 3G capable and Full HD videos play smoothly on all of them. This should give a fair idea as to the performance that these tablets can give for a price ranging between Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 9,999. There are quiet a few tablets offered under the Funbook line from 7 inch Funbook P300 to the 10.1 inch Micromax Funbook Pro. Also Micromax introduced a 7 inch budget tab at Rs. 4500 called Funbook Infinity and a voice calling 7 inch tablet for Rs. 7000 called Funbook Talk.

So where can you buy these budget friendly good performing tablets? Well you have a lot of options for that. Due to its ever growing popularity and demand most of electronic stores, malls, departmental stores have this  on display where it is readily available and in case you cannot find a store around your area, worry not as a lot of e-commerce websites offer Micromax Funbook online buy. Let’s have a look at your options to buy a Micromax funbook.

But Micromax Tablets at reasonable pricesFirst and foremost as Indians we like to see, touch, feel and then buy and rightly so in case of technology as it gives you the feel of the device, its handling and most importantly it can give you a first hand idea as to its usability and how smooth and responsive the device is. If there are lags, touch responses that are missed or any other performance related issues, then it is apparent when you check it first hand. Obviously some lags and issues can only be noticed with prolonged usage, but still you get a fair idea. You can get a list of stores around you from the Micromax official website by clicking on the store locator link. A lot of stores offer very competitive prices so you may get these at lower than MRP. So the first option to buy your Micromax Funbook is a digital store.

Apart from the stores, if you are a net savvy shopper you can get the Micromax Funbook of your choice delivered to your door step courtesy various e-commerce sites. Leading sites like Flipkart, Home Shop 18, e-bay, the mobile store online, Croma retail online etc provide almost all variants of the Funbook right from the very first Funbook p300 to the latest Infinity. The prices are competitive and you also get user reviews for Micromax Funbook and can make a better choice while purchasing. There’s flexibility of payment choices as well and different sites have different policies for deliveries and the number days it takes to deliver the product to you. Based on that, you can chose to buy Micromax funbook online as well.

All in all it’s fairly simple easy and straight forward to find a Micromax Funbook tablet of your choice and get your hands on them right away. Store or online is your choice of course.


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