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By now most of us are aware of what Aakash is all about and how good or bad it performs. For those who aren’t familiar you can check out our various posts on the Aakash tablet pc. Aakash tablet has attracted much attention from the masses and is a great introduction from Datawind and the Government of India. However, no product is complete without good after sales and customer support, and in case of Aakash mainly the sale itself and then the after sales as a lot of individuals who have booked the tablet have yet not received it, even though the new upgraded Aakash 2 is available for sale on the official website

This brings us to the point of Aakash customer care and after sales service. Datawind is not a new start up or a novice in the field of technology, while at the same time it isn’t as big as some other brands that are selling their tablets in India. Datawind has offices across the globe with one office each in London and Germany and two offices in Canada. In India the company is based out of Amritsar. However its primary customer care support is setup in Delhi. The company’s toll free customer care number is 1800-180-2180 and chargeable number is +91 11 405 366 00 both of which are setup in Delhi-NCR area and serve the whole of India. For further details customers can go to their official website as well. So far the public reaction is far from pleasing and most complain of the dysfunctional number or not getting satisfactory response for their queries, mainly on the forever pending deliveries.

Customer Care Number of Aakash, Aakash 2 and DatawindAakash tablet pc has played a major role in bringing down the average tablet price in India. While the initiative is great and the motive is good to empower an average Indian with technology and revolutionize the Indian education system, the basic ground work is still far from complete. One major hurdle is making the tablet available to those who have already booked and then to give adequate customer support to respond to their queries satisfactorily. Secondly the new orders for the latest version of the tablet have to delivered as promised by the company on their official website, in order to gain any trust or respect back from its customers that it may have lost thanks to its delays and poor customer care response for its Aakash or Ubislate tablet.

As the current situation stands, the company has promised deliveries based on various mode of payments and the model chosen. It states clearly on its website that priority in making deliveries of the Aakash 2 or Ubislate 7 Ci will be given to those who pre-pay for the same, second in line would be those who choose the cheque and demand draft mode of payment and lastly the tablets would be delivered to the cash on delivery clients. The delivery schedules range from ‘shipped within 48 hours of payment’ to ‘up to 2 weeks’. Datawind is also offering the keyboard case for sale to be shipped along with the Aakash tablets for an additional Rs. 500. The above mentioned customer care numbers are the same on which you can track your order and also have your queries answered by giving your booking id and other details.

With renewed intent and promises for better and more responsive customer support, the company hopes to regain its lost trust and instill credibility in the minds of its potential clients. However the first step would be to deliver the Aakash tablet pc in time and then focus of improving its after sales service. Here’s hoping the company with due assistance from the Government, can deliver on its promises and Aakash is seen in the hands of many in the months to come.


  1. I buy this Datawind 7cz tab in 01/03/2015 but I found this is worst tablet in India ,display issue plz help me to solve my problem or replace my tablet
    my no. is +919596519612

  2. Dr Neelakandan says:

    IME 1911249550090907 I got this Ubislate { that time highest model }. I tried with many sims .It is not accepting it.
    Now, let me know the product which gives fast Internet and its price. Can I get cash on delivery ?
    My cell No 9245658609
    address. Dr Neelaakandan, 95 VI rd, KS naagr, Chidambaram , 608 001 Tamilnadu

  3. Sanjay Patil says:

    Low space please Clear cache and no apps and games are there and device administration is deleted and installation is blocked

  4. nandkishor kumawat says:

    I want to buy akash tablet in offer of 3750 so Contmet me 7792889533

  5. vishnu p vijayan says:

    Dear friend
    I already bought one of your product, a tablet .but after some days its display was gone out so I submit that tablet in to my nearest service center of datawind ,on 14/03/2014.i am very sorry to say that I didn’t get back my tablet after 9 months .its not only my problem I know a lot of people suffering due to the same problem. we all like your products and we are ready to buy it only if your service centers are work in a good way. if u people try to cell your more products in kerala then please take an action against this problem..
    the details of the service center above mentioned
    Zinage systems
    39/4037,opp.sangeeth mahal musicals
    ravipuram, cochin
    ph: 09447322233,09895211233

    • hai friend same problem for me please send it my device as early as possible thank you i have a phone numbers for gurgav service center my number 9550105275 andhrapradesh chittoor district.

  6. rajendra jangid says:

    respected sir/medam
    i am rajendra. my order is Rs-3700/- with leader cover but i received Rs-3799/- and not leader covered. so i request to you please send my tablat cover.

    mob no. 9549212510

  7. kumar sanjay says:

    मै पाया लेकिन जब ऑन किया तो नेट्वर्क नहीँ आ रहा था|जब सर्विसेंटर मे दिया तो चार माह के बाद मिला लेकिन फिर वी नेट्वर्क नहीं आया साथ ही अब बैटरी भी नहीं चलता है | मै यह ले कर अपने आप को फसा लिया अब क्या करू | यह सब से ख़राब है कृपया यह ना ले मेरा आप से अनुरोध है।

  8. सर जी
    मेरा नाम मिथिलेश कुमार शर्मा है। मैंने कुछ दिन पहले 7cz मोडल का tab लिया था।उसमे touchका problem था इसका
    मैंने शिकायत नंबर GQ0823MH37351 है यह मैंने आप के मुंबई में Allied servic center में 9/9/2014 को दिया था जिसका मुझे अभी तक कोई जबाब नहीं दिया जा रहा है

    मिथिलेश कुमार शर्मा

  9. Neel Benipal says:

    Saale Bevkoof banate hai kehte hain ki hamre tab main do usb port hain. designing softwares chalte hain. aur customers ko cheat karke order book karwa lete hain. Order receive ke baad costomer care ke no. bhi nahi lagte hain. Main suggest karna chahunga ki Please Aap Ye tab na kharidain jo log starting main hi jhooth bolte hain wo apko kya service Denge.

    Neel Benipal – 9634171820

  10. I suggest .. don’t purchase 7C+ Tab 14 oct 2014 first day hang this tablet.. I have taken this tab but not woking properly on it .. hang all time custormer care don’t talk , problem , there is no blue thooth not accept any photos or songs in this tab,, i am completly cheated by this company.

  11. dhiraj hemne says:

    i want akash tablet

  12. Ye aaksh tab me nahi voice jada he or ringtons bhi puri tarha nahi sunai deti spikar ekdam slow he or batrry bekup bhi kam he
    Mene mere tab ko showpic me rakhdiya he

  13. Me isko lekar pasta raha hu mere sare paiyse bekar gaye kyu k ye sirf dabba he isme tab jesi koi khashiyat nai he ye hand sat lekar me pasta raha hu

    • tum sab log complain kar rahe ho pahele lete time cheak karna chaiye na,add dekh k kyu gand marane leto ho sab ,

  14. Data wind tablet is very poor my ist experience is very very poor and Castomer services not solved a my problem I can take the action in this capany so very poor tablet

  15. Sir,

    The detail of the Ubislate are as follows. HOW LONG TO WAIT.

    1. Brand : Datawind
    2. Model No. 7CZ
    3. D.O.P : 3/4/14
    4. IMECI 1: 911300151464437
    5. TICKET ID NO. 0410MH20804

    The below mentioned tag line I am reading for last 5 month.

    “Please wait some time.You will be contacted by us soon when your device problem will be resolve from our side.”

    “DataWind: Committed to customer satisfaction”

    Which Customers.

  16. I suggest .. don’t purchase this Tab.. I have taken this tab but internet is not woking on it .. custormer care don’t talk , no esclation for them .. no one help… it support only they says it is ur SIM problem , there is no blue thooth in this ,, i am completly cheated by this company ,

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