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By now most of us are aware of what Aakash is all about and how good or bad it performs. For those who aren’t familiar you can check out our various posts on the Aakash tablet pc. Aakash tablet has attracted much attention from the masses and is a great introduction from Datawind and the Government of India. However, no product is complete without good after sales and customer support, and in case of Aakash mainly the sale itself and then the after sales as a lot of individuals who have booked the tablet have yet not received it, even though the new upgraded Aakash 2 is available for sale on the official website

This brings us to the point of Aakash customer care and after sales service. Datawind is not a new start up or a novice in the field of technology, while at the same time it isn’t as big as some other brands that are selling their tablets in India. Datawind has offices across the globe with one office each in London and Germany and two offices in Canada. In India the company is based out of Amritsar. However its primary customer care support is setup in Delhi. The company’s toll free customer care number is 1800-180-2180 and chargeable number is +91 11 405 366 00 both of which are setup in Delhi-NCR area and serve the whole of India. For further details customers can go to their official website as well. So far the public reaction is far from pleasing and most complain of the dysfunctional number or not getting satisfactory response for their queries, mainly on the forever pending deliveries.

Customer Care Number of Aakash, Aakash 2 and DatawindAakash tablet pc has played a major role in bringing down the average tablet price in India. While the initiative is great and the motive is good to empower an average Indian with technology and revolutionize the Indian education system, the basic ground work is still far from complete. One major hurdle is making the tablet available to those who have already booked and then to give adequate customer support to respond to their queries satisfactorily. Secondly the new orders for the latest version of the tablet have to delivered as promised by the company on their official website, in order to gain any trust or respect back from its customers that it may have lost thanks to its delays and poor customer care response for its Aakash or Ubislate tablet.

As the current situation stands, the company has promised deliveries based on various mode of payments and the model chosen. It states clearly on its website that priority in making deliveries of the Aakash 2 or Ubislate 7 Ci will be given to those who pre-pay for the same, second in line would be those who choose the cheque and demand draft mode of payment and lastly the tablets would be delivered to the cash on delivery clients. The delivery schedules range from ‘shipped within 48 hours of payment’ to ‘up to 2 weeks’. Datawind is also offering the keyboard case for sale to be shipped along with the Aakash tablets for an additional Rs. 500. The above mentioned customer care numbers are the same on which you can track your order and also have your queries answered by giving your booking id and other details.

With renewed intent and promises for better and more responsive customer support, the company hopes to regain its lost trust and instill credibility in the minds of its potential clients. However the first step would be to deliver the Aakash tablet pc in time and then focus of improving its after sales service. Here’s hoping the company with due assistance from the Government, can deliver on its promises and Aakash is seen in the hands of many in the months to come.


  1. sourabh khandelwal says:

    Company wale logo ko ullu Bana rahe hai Servising par dene k baad bhi tab. nahi Sudhra balki aur bekar kar ke de diya

  2. utkarsh gadbail says:

    Please call me for tablet. One of my friend need it urgently.

  3. sunil agrawal says:

    i am not at all satisfied with your product .please refund my money This is the last time I am informing you,otherwise we will meet in consumer court.

  4. hello everybudddy.. i also have akash 7c+,i got in july 13,after 2 months it got problem in nov.13 in 1st week of Nov’13. i sent it service center in 7th nov.13..still in service center .2months gone…they couldnt repair my tablet..bullshit service center and bullshit tablet….dont purchesh…akash tablet

  5. s.kanthiah says:

    Dear sir,

    I purchased a Ubislate 7c+ Edge tablet on line. It was despatched to me on 12-9-2013. After a few days of use, the battery was not getting charged. When connected to power only I was able to use. When pluged out, the charge goes off. I reported to Datawind Tech.Support Executive. They told me to go to Madurai, Servicing center , it was about 15 km from my place. today I took the item there and they told me to get a ticket frm Datawind, then they checked the tablet and told me that somebody has opened the back cover. I never opened. Any way he checked and told that the Battery to be replaced . No gaurantee covedr. I agreed to pay the cost of battery Rs650/- and paid. He replaced the battery, Now it is working. When I asked for the defective battery he refused, and he refused give me bill for Rs.650/- also.
    This has made me to doubt about the integrity of servicing center and also I doiubt whether the battery has gone bad really or not. The integrity of Datawind company and Aakash Tablet I am company as a whole is in question.

    I am retired Air force officer and Canra Bnak Officer. I feel that i am being cheated.

    I hope that you will reddressmy groievances immediately.
    Thanking you, sir.

  6. pankaj singh says:

    whoever is reading this post n is thinking about to purchase this product…plz plz don’t purchase this. the datawind company have literally cheated and had made false promises. this product is completely unworthy. no use product it is. its internet doesn’t work which is most important. second bluetooth is not good. 3G service is not there even company have told it will support 3G also. i m completely cheated and frustrated so i request whoever is authority to akash tab, please return my money and take your bullshit product.
    contact me 8390701431

  7. actly I given my device in reparing in aakash centre they forwaded my device to company for reparing.

    when I called 1st time they told u will get ur device within 20 days .
    aftr 20 days I called customer centre told me tht pls give us 7 days .
    aftr 7 days I called they again told give us 7 days more, I given
    aftr 7 days I called again they asked for 7 days.
    I talked with officer officer told me tht I will handle ur matter personaly and aftr 7days u will get urr device.
    when aftr 7days I called they are telling it is still pending.
    it is more thn 40 days
    am nt getting exact information
    now customer centre is nt receiving my call when am calling and tellng my number they are disconnecting my calll.

    this is a badest service ever I mate.
    wht should I do next guide me plssss


    I want to akash tablet plz help me. Callme 973363241

  9. kalpesh patel says:

    my aakash tablet is working but particular BSNL sim was not working but seme sim card was warking in mobile and dongel and any other sim was used is my teblet in same prvader so proper used i wil inform u sim was comlit working and all dongel and teblet so how to used my bsnl sim is my aakash teblet pls help me recarding give me fust rip pls
    you serives is very poover so call riplay me my email ac my id is

  10. had booked 2 years back this tablet….. i have not got any single call from company till now and all of sudden few days back they tell me we send it through blue dart courier with this no:59162760031….really i was wonder a company which they can afford it for start electronic device business how they don’t know to do marketing!!!!!!!!first of all company claimed price for 2000-4000 rs now increased to 6000 rs……i am wondering you cant understand these kind of action in business can ruin your business and sending some product unwanted its look like disturbance and nobody afterwards going to buy any product from this company ……ANYWAY KINDLY CANCEL MY ORDER AFTER 2 YEARS!!!!!! AND DON’T SEND IT NO LONGER UNWANTED PRODUCT…this is first time in my life i am seeing this thing …

  11. aditya narayan ram says:

    Datawind company has cheated me.they provided a worthless tablet at a price of rs 5500/-.the tablet dosen’t has a battery backup at all. the tablet is not even starting without the charger being plugged in.the customer care phone is not being attended. i tried the customer care number for several times. all i get is ring ring. nothing else.upon contacting the service centre at sant nagar delhi.i just was refused of any help.moreover the company company has changed its HQ from amritsar. this is completely a waste of of money and all i want is my money back or a good tab worth my money. i am planning to sue the company in consumer forum.

  12. Worst customer care executives , ihave seen in my life.
    Aakash lost its trust only due to this F*C*ing guys

  13. SABARINATHAN says:


  14. Kuldeep Didwania says:

    I received the tablet (Ubislate 7C+ Edge) after 2 years of making full payment in advance and

    paying INR 4500 total on an initiative by pehredar (CNBC Awaaz – Thanks – Else I would never

    have got my tablet or money paid in advance). The Manager at Data wind committed to provide a

    tablet USB keyboard w/ Solar Carry Case free of cost as a compensation for interest on adv

    payment due to a delay of 20 months in product delivery. I just Received the Tablet (No keyboard

    w/ Solar Carry Case as committed by them). Worth a mention here to show the unprofessional and discourteous behavior of Datawind (makers of Akaash & Ubislate Tablets).

    Now the problem with the tablet is that it does not support 3G dongle. I tried Huawei 1732 / 1530 and ZTE MF 631 – none works ! Moreover – just a week ago my kiddoo locked the tablet by trying to open it with a wrong unlock pattern multiple times. It started asking for my Google Credentials but as The Tablet does not have an automatic provision to turn wireless mode or mobile internet ON in case of a lock, My Google Credentials though correct – are also not working. In a Fix, I have mailed datawind technical support a no. of times – no reply – nobody picks up the phone. So, In essence – its just 7 inches of crap lying in my house. How to come out of this situation – please help (One alternate though is to throw it away – 😉 but that is the last option – I guess !! Will recommend to any one with my free will not to purchase this tablet – There are so many better options available in the market for lesser price.

  15. sayeed salim says:

    I, sayyed salim, had ordered Aakash 2 (ubislate 7c+) after receiving an email from you, in which you stated that the product is ready for delivery.
    I completed online order procedure and online payment on 25th June, 2013. but till date I haven’t received the product. so I think that you are not at all interested in delivering me the product.
    therefore I request you to REFUND ME RS 4999/- (without any deduction as stated in your norms about refund and cancellation) WITHIN NEXT 4 DAYS.
    if you don’t follow the above request, I’ll be left with no other option than to complain against you to consumer court authority of government of india.
    following are the details of my order:
    Order Number: PMC521684994
    I have mailed u my acc. number



  17. abhijeet mapari says:

    I am receive your tablet but its not showing network please send me service center details or take back this tablet i dont want this

  18. abdulgaleel says:

    don’t buy this product ..they are lairs … when i open the sealed envelop the pack was open and tried cleverly to reseal it . one of the items was missing and the tablet was replaced by an old model tablet… fucking lairs … i tried to call but no response … i advise everybody ..they r a group of thieves… God will not forgive those who cheat people …it is my mistake to trust u …

  19. such cheap mobile model launced by gov. it totally wasted money on this tab. aakash tablet not even in race of tablet. in market upto 3000/- rs new branded tablet available. i pay 5499/- + nearly 2 year to get my tab. but now i am totally nervous why i order such cheap model. i forget that its launch by our gov. so there product also same as they. cheap!!!!!!
    it have seen or read blog nearly same problem all of us say prblm related to display only. so i request to all my dear friend don’t buy ! services no. alway switch off. they not even hear our complaint. so i want my money back. now upto 3000/-we got new branded tab with great feature. and request to our indian gov. dont launch such tab. so i kindly request please refund my money or other wise i will knock door off consumer court.

  20. parvez kazi says:

    i m already booked to aakash 2 before 1.5 year ago. i m booked on date of 18/02/2012 i m posed to draft rs. 2999/- but not response till than today. and not contect to me any organization. please help me ….. 🙁

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