Aakash comes pre-loaded with Datawind’s proprietary Ubisurfer Browser

Datawind Aakash is a name that revolutionized the Indian tablet market, which led to a lot of people having access to latest technology and tablet computers in particular. It has come a long way from being a buggy slow non starter sort of a device to a new upgraded reasonably well performing tablet PC. It had issues with its deliveries and most of the Datawind complaints were in regards with the lack-luster delivery schedules and waiting before getting their tablets. Datawind and the Government of India has worked on these problems to an extent and come up with a few of its own apps, most noticeably the Ubisurfer browser that aims at speeding up and compressing webpages to give a quick internet experience at reduced mobile data costs.

Datawind Ubislate or Aakash, as we call it, has gone through sort of what Reliance India Mobile once went through. When announced Reliance India Mobile was the only operator offering lower call prices and it sold like hot cakes, which in turn led other established operators to lower their tariffs and new operators entered the market. This led to other operators taking advantage and gaining their own market space. Now, compare that to the Aakash tablet scenario. Prior to Datawind Aakash, the cost of tablets in India were anywhere between Rs. 15000 – Rs. 35,000 and all of these were mainly foreign brands. Post the announcement of Aakash, and the response it got from Indians in terms of pre-bookings and the hype it generated, a lot of Indian companies who previously only made cell phones or computers entered this space offering low cost tablets with latest software and at highly competitive rates. Micromax, Karbonn, HCL all offered tablets in the range of Rs. 6000 – Rs. 8000 as against Datawind’s Rs. 2999. Only difference was that these brands had ready deliveries and hands on demos available which Aakash did not.

Taking the above in mind and to keep its primary aim to aid the Indian educational system and penetrate in the untapped areas where internet hasn’t reached so far; Datawind has announced a new Aakash tablet called Aakash 2 or Ubislate 7Ci at Rs. 4499 for the commercial user. Students off course still get it under 2000 bucks courtesy Government subsidies. The new tablet has similar form factor but this time has some differences that actually make a difference in performance. Firstly, resistive touch screen is gone and this one has a 7 inch capacitive touch screen improving its responsiveness. Further more Android 4.0 ICS runs in its heart aided with a 1 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM with 4 GB internal storage. VGA camera is present and though this version is WIFI only you can get a GPRS+WIFI tablet for Rs. 4999 called Ubislate 7C+ which also has similar specs. On the software front this tablet has the basic stuff along with Datawind’s proprietary Ubisurfer web browser and a few content providing apps by Yahoo.

Let’s have a quick Datawind Ubisurfer review first. Ubisurfer technology is covered by 18 U.S. patents and it compresses the webpages without actually hampering the viewing quality and thus enables up to 10 to 30 times faster loading of pages even on 2G networks. The compression also helps in saving data costs and thus enables those on a limited package to utilize more of their data plan. It claims to open webpages at an average of 5-7 seconds. The Ubisurfer is a good browser however it lags a bit on Youtube and a few video streaming sites, something that the company can improve; it could also be a software issue of the tablet than being a flaw in the browser. But then for what is it offered with, it is a pretty decent browser. Still there’s Playstore, so you can download any third-party browser of your choice although by and large the Ubisurfer will do the job.

Datawind UbiSurfer Tablet ReviewYahoo on the other hand has entered a deal with Datawind to provide internet related apps and content. This is mainly to penetrate the untapped sectors in India where internet is still in its infancy from Yahoo’s perspective, while Datawind has some preloaded apps to offer from their end to the end user. These apps are mainly Yahoo cricket and Yahoo mail among other things, which makes accessing these fairly simple and straight forward. This is in addition to Datawind providing Google Playstore and all standard Google and Android software with the tablet. The overall tablet performance this time around is far superior and very acceptable than it was before, thanks to its increased speed and memory and the capacitive nature of its touch screen. Full details are available on Datawind’s website wwww.ubislate.com.

Datawind has done a much better and fairly decent job this time around with their Aakash and Ubislate line up, both in terms of hardware and software but still needs to work on its delivery promises, if it wants to establish in the Indian market and have a wider reach for its products.


  1. Ms Surekha Shenoy says:

    Pls help me,as to how to use ubislate7 purschased from Datawind thru net.,as having difficulty in using it.
    Used Idea netsetter,still no internet connection.Kindly advise me as to which netsetter to use.

  2. PLz.. don”t buy this poor quality tablet.. it’s totally wastage of money…So, keep in mind dont buy this fake product.. Buy any other products rather than AKASH/UBISLATE products..

  3. s.kanthiah says:

    Dear Sir, I had booked one Ubislate 7c+ with Datawind innovation Pvt.Ltd online in the month of april 2012, made full payment . till date I am not supplied with the item. I understand that the Ubislate 78c+ is launched now. I hope the datawind will supply .
    Kindly look ito the long pensing booking.

    My Booking ID given by datawind _PM 280 DOFC 93F.

  4. sir, sorry to say that after my frequent mailing and complaints no contact has been made by the company with me and nothing has been done, i was intended to market the ubi surfer in our area, but due to non cooperation of the company i am disappointed, if com. is serious abt business, take seriously any complaint. why dont u support ur devices? in this way u cant market ur products, if u want to stand in market then u have to take care of ur customers, thanks, keep it up if u dont want to face customers.

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