What is the current price of Akash tablet?

The world’s cheapest tablet Akash, got a much needed upgrade and was officially announced by none other than the President, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee himself. The new version still called Aakash 2 is available for bookings online already but in its commercial form as Ubislate.

The previous Akash tablet price was Rs. 2500 for the student version and was to be further subsidized for the students to up to half the price. The commercial version or the Ubislate was made available through online sales at Rs. 2999. But that was when the tablet had a 366 MHz processor and a 256 MB RAM and an outdated Android 2.2 Operating System. The new Aakash tablet comes with 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, the latest Android 4.0.3 Operating system, among other things. It is priced slightly higher than its previous installment. Students can however get it for Rs. 1150 as it subsidized by the Government.

The common user or public at large can get the tablet by booking it online from the company’s official website www.ubislate.com or www.aakashtablet.com. There is also an option of booking it via the partner site www.ncarry.com, but the site at times seems non functional. There’s is also the toll free 1800-180-2180 number which is the Aakash tablet customer care number along with +91 11 405 36600 on which you can contact them for further assistance. The pricing for the new akash tablet starts from Rs. 4499 and has 3 variations to it namely Ubislate 7Ci, Ubislate 7C+ and Ubislate 7Cz.

The pricing for the tablet on the homepage of the site is listed as Rs. 3499 onwards, but on clicking the buy now option the price for the above three versions are listed and it starts at Rs. 4499. The variations and pricing is as follows:

Ubislate 7Ci

 (Same as the Student version of Aakash 2)

Ubislate 7C+

(proposed for Aakash 3)

Ubislate 7Cz

(available for pre-booking)



1 GHz Cortex A8

1 GHz Cortex A8

1 GHz Cortex A8

RAM and Memory

512 MR RAM, 4GB internal flash memory

512 MR RAM, 4GB internal flash memory

512 MR RAM, 4GB internal flash memory

Operating System

Android 4.0.3 ICS

Android 4.0.3 ICS

Android 4.0.3 ICS


7 inch Capacitive touch screen, 800×480 resolution

7 inch Capacitive touch screen, 800×480 resolution

7 inch Capacitive touch screen, 800×480 resolution

Connectivity and ports

WIFI, mini USB, microSD card slot, 3.5 mm jack

SIM CARD slot, GPRS+WIFI, mini USB, microSD card slot, 3.5 mm jack

SIM CARD slot, GPRS+WIFI, mini USB, microSD card slot, 3.5 mm jack


VGA front camera

VGA front camera

Dual Camera





Proposed shipping schedule

Available, shipped within 48 hours of payment receipt

Available, shipped within 72 hours of payment receipt

Pre-book, shipped within 3 weeks of payment receipt



Rs. 4499

Rs. 4999

Rs. 5999

Along with the above difference in price and delivery schedule, there’s also a difference in the priority of deliveries for the Aakash tablets based on the mode of payment selected while placing the orders for Aakash tablets online. There 3 options available, Cash on Delivery, which will cost you Rs. 200 as shipping charges over and above the cost of your tablet and take 8-12 weeks to ship, then there is the Demand draft or Cheque payment option which will again cost you Rs. 200 extra and the shipping will be 3-4 weeks after the booking. The last is the fastest way to get your tablet, which is the online pre-payment, in which your tablet is shipped within a week of receiving the payment and placing the order and also you save the Rs. 200 towards shipping as shipping for pre-paid bookings is free.

Aakash 2-Tech Specifications of the Cheapest Tablet PC in the World

This is pretty much it for the pricing and booking process of the Aakash tablets. One must however remember that while the delivery schedules mentioned look promising towards speedy deliveries, Datawind’s past reputation with deliveries hasn’t been that great so be prepared to wait a while before you get your hands on the new Akash tablet.


  1. Ashutosh kumar sinha says:

    Dear Sir,
    i want to know the service center of aakash datawind tablet in dist-ranchi,state- jharkhand,india pin code-834008. sir i have lost my tablet screen so please to inform me either send me the service center details

    with regards
    ashutosh sinha
    mob no- 09386729156

  2. i want to buy this tablet. pls contact me

  3. I want to by akash 2 tab. How can i bye it? Plz inform me where i bye it?

  4. rameez bhatkar says:

    it is written in your website that the students can get aakash tablet 2 for just rs 1150 so please give me more details about it urgently i want to book it now

  5. What is its actual price on home delivery? Is it available in market/showroom?

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