Aakash Tablet creates a world record – 14 Lakh units booked in 2 weeks

Aakash-The cheapest Android tablet receives 14 lakh ordersEver since it was put up for sale on December 15, 2011, the booking for the upgraded version of Aakash Tablet, UbiSlate has touched 14 lakh units. Yes. You read it correct… 14 lakh units of UbiSlate (upgraded version of Aakash Tablet) have been booked within 2 weeks since it went up for sale. The delivery for the booked Aakash (UbiSlate) Tablets is expected to start from the last week of January 2012. The first version of Aakash Tablet was available for Rs. 2499 while the upgraded UbiSlate is available for Rs. 2999. And this premium of Rs. 500 is a cracking deal since UbiSlate has double the computing power of Aakash Tablet, runs on Android 2.3 and supports GPRS too.

It’s interesting to note that Apple iPad sold only 10 lakh units when it was first launched in April 2010 and 80 lakh units within 80 days of its launch. Another thing worth noticing is that the cheapest version of Apple iPad2 is available for approximately Rs. 29,000 while an Aakash/UbiSlate Tablet at Rs. 2999 is anyday worth a try.

Update : Owing to the soaring demand of Aakash and UbiSlate Tablets, DataWind, the maker of Aakash/UbiSlate Tablet shall setup 3 new factories in Cochin, Noida and Hyderabad. The firm currently just has one factory in Hyderabad with Quad, which manufactures the display panel for Aakash Tablet

March 2012 booking for UbiSlate+ has already started. The delivery of these tablets is expected to begin by the end of March 2012. Book your UbiSlate+ Tablet over here .


  1. How to i book the Akash tablet

  2. I nid akash ubislet plz dilaver my given addres i am bok akash ubislet 7 in 14. Oct .2011 booking id PMB113B1944 and my mobil no_ 8860824161 / 09473510784 and my mail id Sarvesh.9838@gmail.com you plz delver my ubislet .

  3. My name is R.HARIHARAN,
    my booking id is PME7FB5.I booked in the month of march.still now i havent got any information about the delivery.

  4. ramanareddy says:

    Please let us know when i will get status of Tablet..please update neither i order again

  5. shweta Desai says:

    Please let us know when i will get status of Tablet..please update neither i order again


  1. […] to get through it in the first place. This is mainly because DataWind never anticipated such an overwhelming response to their low cost tablet product. This is confirmed by the post on the site’s home page by Mr. Suneet Singh Tuli – the […]

  2. […] is because the production capacity for manufacturing these tablets is still not enough to meet the large scale demand for the Aakash tablets. But the Government has already taken the necessary steps to boost the production and distribution […]

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