Detailed Technical Specifications of UbiSlate 7+

UbiSlate 7+ Technical Specifications - Android 2.3 Tablet


  • OS – Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Chipset – Cortex A8
  • CPU – 700 Mhz


  • Card Slot – microSD, up to 32GB
  • Internal – 2 GB Flash storage, 256 MB RAM


  • USB – Yes, 2 USB ports (V2.0)
  • GPRS – Yes
  • WLAN – Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g


  • 3.5mm jack – Yes


  • Size – 7″ Display with 800×480 pixels
  • Type – Resistive Touch Screen

Battery – 3200 mAh, 180 minutes of battery
Price – Rs. 2999


  1. i want aakash 2 tablet

  2. lamnei karoung says:

    sir i would like to hav this tablet, as we the student want to buy. please email @ this name .

  3. Ram Sharma says:

    Sir how can i buy this product shortly ?
    please reply in shortest time limit.

  4. anil mishra says:

    i require a aakash tab 2

  5. Hi u hve ubislate 7+ na avinash How many rupees are u paided on ubislate 7+.plz tell me

  6. Hi u hve ubislate 7+ na avinash How many rupees are u paided on ubislate 7+.plz tell me

  7. I want ‘Akash-2’ then how to book this …plz tell me ..

  8. sagar ghodke says:

    hi avinash,
    i also brought ubislate7+.,.,…
    it totaly loss of money..but is have tried. any thing interesting then plz reply me….

  9. I already received the TAB UBISLATE + and not happy about it. No customer service ..No response to mail or phone. There is no microphone so call can’t be made without external microphone . Getjar not working … It simply says downloading and nothing happens further ..
    You can’t download any apps… nothing is pre installed .. google store is absent ..
    No blue tooth .. Media supported is only mp4 … no other formats are played … no other aplication can be loaded …!!!! how .why where about this product is not available ..

    Avoid buying if not already bought …. A.S.Kulkarni /

  10. IlikeAAKASH-2..Congratulation,


  11. What is the status of delivery of my pre-booked Ubislate 7? My booking ID no. is PM48EFE

  12. The specs are whacked….the OS on Ubislate 7+ – atleast the version i received is 2.2….and as usual, the support email box is full and bounces emails.

    So far, I have to say I am not impressed to receive a device out of spec after 4 months of paying in advance, which does not any option to contact support.

  13. Go to Hong Kong and u will get a much better piece of junk for the same price or thereabouts

    This is really really tackey and a serious put off

    Any one with even the slightest of sense will stay away from this

  14. rosauro gatdula says:

    how can i avail this tablet?you have store here in manila philipines?if none i’m willing to manage your product to distribute and be familiar your product in every filipino student,very religiously cost for urban area i think if this product will available here you help a lot of people,ask me if how i can order ubislate 7+ for my own use and to market to other school or campus.hoping your warm reply…thank you.


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