Aakash and UbiSlate Tablets will be available on rent too

Cheapest Android Tablet PC Aakash available on rentAt Rs. 2500, Aakash Tablet is by far the Cheapest Tablet PC in the world. Even the upgraded version of Aakash Tablet, UbiSlate available at Rs. 2999 wins the contest of being the cheapest Android Tablet in India or across the globe.  And that’s not all – The Indian Government shall be providing Aakash Tablet at a price of Rs. 1138 to more than 100 universities India. The students of Mumbai University will be among the first ones to get Aakash Tablet  at just Rs. 1138.

Now, there’s one more news that shall bring smiles across the faces of millions and millions of students across the country. Aakash Tablets will also be available for rent through college libraries. These Aakash tablets will be pre-loaded with lectures in the areas of Science, Engineering, Management, Humanities, etc. So, how Aakash Tablets will be available on rent? The Indian Government has offered to provide Aakash Tablets at a discount of 50% to State Governments who in turn can provide these affordable tablets free-of-cost to college libraries. Economic Times has also reported that the duration of the Aakash Tablet rental period can be decided by the college authorities.

So, if you want an Aakash Tablet on rent, wait for a couple of months and you could avail it through college libraries.


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    how to buy aakash tablet

  4. p/s book my aakash 2 tab.

  5. i want to book akash tablet

  6. great effort……..thanks to the indian govt and datawind ….


  1. […] was to be provided to various state university students at a subsidized price of Rs. 1138. This vision was further extended to provide the tablets for free to the […]

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