[Guest Post] Aakash Tablet vs Apple iPad 2 – Simplest Guide

Well, the question Aakash Tablet or an Apple iPad may throw most of us out of balance (figuratively) – but the ideas pumped into our heads by the news, media and blogs make us say without a second thought, that it is undoubtedly iPad that is more desirable. Well, may be. But if that was the case, there is absolutely no reason for me to be typing, and for you to spend your precious time reading this article! So, lets go on and talk some facts.

Aakash Tablet and iPad2 comparison

Yes, iPad is desirable. The question however is “Is iPad affordable?”. I am an iPad2 user myself, and I have placed my order for UbiSlate 7+ as well, and trust me, I am eagerly waiting for my Aakash tablet.

Aakash vs iPad : Price Factor

Lets face it. iPad, though made with all possible cost optimization, is still a costly affair. Aakash on the other hand can be bought with the following amounts of money…

  • The amount you would spend in 1 month, if you are a one-pack-a-day smoker
  • The amount that you would spend, if you subscrib to 1 newspaper  and 1 magazine for a year
  • The amount you would spend on six different visits to a bar, a cafe and a Hookah bar. In any order!

Read about how to save money using Android devices : 15 ways Android helped me save money (lots of it)

“On the other hand, the price of an iPad (even the cheapest version) would be for most of us greater than 50% of our monthly salary! Ponder about it.”

Aakash vs iPad : Design Factor

Here, I can very well wind up the analysis in lesser than five sentences! iPad has a brilliant design. But weight is a design factor, isn’t it?


Aakash iPad
Weight 350 grams 600 grams
Data from Wikipedia

And moreover, Android system supports a huge lot of video and audio formats, and a USB port to just plug in the device that has your movies. In iPad, you need iTunes on a separate computer to transfer any content whatsoever! Beware!

Aakash vs iPad : Assumptions about You, the consumer

Android is a more versatile environment, and more flexible. Google’s Android as well as the Apple’s iOS have certain assumptions about you. Here what they are (for your entertainment)!

Android wala…Aakash Apple wala…iPad
You have a gmail account. We all do! You have an apple account. Do you?! Else create one…
You don’t have money to waste (very few in India do) You are rich, or your dad is rich (“Rich” is a relative term)
You (most of the world), use GPRS and Wi-Fi, to access Internet when they are on a mobile device (3G? See, point number 2) You have the best Internet connection in the world (FYI, India ranks 142nd in the World list for Internet connection speed.)
You like choices (A myriad of apps and devices to do the same thing. Let’s face it…we all get bored) You have a Mac, and hopefully an iPhone too (The Apple have their own iOS, app store and hardware), else you will buy them soon…you should!
You like expandable memory with memory cards, USB and External Hard drives (we love our movies and TV series) You already are tech savvy, and very organized in life. You will use the iCloud service…and…..BUY cloud storage space 🙂 ha ha ha…

Aakash vs. iPad : Final Take

Aakash Tablet was made with a different user group in mind and Apple makes their products with an elitist user group in mind. Apple buyers are those for whom the tool is just as important as the purpose it serves, whereas Android systems, including the India’s very own Aakash Tablets are designed for the masses, for whom the purpose is far more important than the tool itself. Sounds like a people’s champion to me, and that’s all that Matters.

So, grab your Aakash Tablet to watch movies, read free newspapers and do all things which an Android system is capable of doing. It is comparable to buying Peter England shirts over Louis Philippe or Park Avenue. Both serve the same purpose of covering you up.




@Ramreva (as known in the Internet), is a very infrequent blogger who still thinks blogging is serious form of writing and comes up with very random articles on arts, cartoons, thinking, science and tech…whenever it rains. He tweets often though, as if people love to read his tweets.


  1. You can just drag and drop files from your piano to your home pc.
    For instance, the OTS may be a piano on a jazz style, an acoustic guitar for Latin style and a guitar having overdrive etc for rock style.
    At all levels there may be pressure to upgrade your piano for your child’s sake.

  2. roshanojha says:

    where 2 buy this tab… please provide a link….

  3. where 2 buy this tab… please provide a link….

  4. Hi its good that Aakash comes with this price. Just to view e-magazine, listening songs and enjoying movies its good. IPAD could be used professionally with productivity and for high end utility

  5. Ashutosh Kumar says:

    Please provide me link to buy the Akash tab II…

  6. the memoy of the should be increased at-lest to 8 GB.


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