What is the current price of Akash tablet?

The world's cheapest tablet Akash, got a much needed upgrade and was officially announced by none other than the President, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee himself. The new version still called Aakash 2 is available for bookings online already but in its commercial form as Ubislate. The previous Akash tablet price was Rs. 2500 for the student version and was to be further subsidized for the students to up … [Read more...]

Customer Feedback of Aakash tablet

The Aakash tablet almost got a hero's status among the tablets during late 2011, when it was announced by Mr. Kapil Sibal, the then MHRD Union  Minister and Datawind, the London based company that won the bid to supply the Aakash and Ubislate tablets to students and public at large. It was hard to believe that a modern device with relatively new technology was slated to be handed over to schools … [Read more...]

List of various Low cost Android tablets in India – Part II

Low cost tablet is a relative term and as such it is up to the buyer as to what he/she feels low cost. For some an iPAD can be a low cost device and for some even the new Aakash tablet PC available at Rs. 4499 can be expensive. So as to classify the low cost tablets in India, we shall consider the top tablets which are the lowest in its class and not merely focus on the pricing or the country … [Read more...]

Which is the best among the cheapest tablets in India? [Part I]

Android tablets are one of those devices that can be bought by anyone in any price bracket, thanks mainly to Android’s highly flexible nature and the slew of home grown tablets by bold Indian companies who have showed great courage and determination in bringing these tablets to the customers at very low prices and still offering some solid performing tablets. But then again there are too many … [Read more...]

Karbonn mobile tablet user reviews – 4 Tablets

Karbonn mobile tablets are available in various iterations and while some are too old or even discontinued by the company, such as the Smart Tab 1; new tablets have also been introduced. Karbonn tablet price is always just about right and it has in the past made decent tablets. Currently there are 4 tablets available in the market in terms of physical size and form factor. However, broadly there … [Read more...]

A detailed guide on Micromax Tablet Reviews – Funbook Pro and many others

Micromax Funbook come in all shapes and sizes or should one say all price and sizes. From a 7 inch tablet to a huge 10.1 incher, the Micromax tablets have something to offer to everyone looking to buy a good performing mobile tablet. Any Micromax Android tablet comes with an assurance of performance matching its cost, thus giving the user the ultimate value for money. So let us have a look at … [Read more...]

What is UbiSlate? All you wanted to know about UbiSlate Tablets from Datawind

Most of us are aware that the MHRD ministry under then HRD Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal, had announced in the end of 2011, a low cost tablet computer called Aakash. It was announced that it will be made available at a price of Rs. 2500 for the people of India and especially the students, who would be entitled to special subsidies on the price. It was made in collaboration with Datawind, a London based … [Read more...]

Aakash comes pre-loaded with Datawind’s proprietary Ubisurfer Browser

Datawind Aakash is a name that revolutionized the Indian tablet market, which led to a lot of people having access to latest technology and tablet computers in particular. It has come a long way from being a buggy slow non starter sort of a device to a new upgraded reasonably well performing tablet PC. It had issues with its deliveries and most of the Datawind complaints were in regards with the … [Read more...]

Difference between Aakash Tablet and Ubislate Tablet?

There has been lot of speculation and confusion surrounding Aakash, the low cost tablet computer from India, manufactured and supplied by Datawind, and the Government of India. The confusion has been in terms of its specs, to its delivery date to its booking process to even the version names, sometimes heard as Aakash, Aakash 2 and so on. One such confusion that has bugged many of us is the … [Read more...]

Customer support for Aakash tablets – Customer Care Number for Aakash Tablet

By now most of us are aware of what Aakash is all about and how good or bad it performs. For those who aren't familiar you can check out our various posts on the Aakash tablet pc. Aakash tablet has attracted much attention from the masses and is a great introduction from Datawind and the Government of India. However, no product is complete without good after sales and customer support, and in case … [Read more...]

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