What is Android – A Detailed Guide on World’s Dearest Mobile OS

What is Android? Android means an automaton or a robot that resembles a human being, also called a humanoid. This is the definition of Android. But not many would be bothered with that because for millions and millions across the globe, Android is an operating system from Google. An operating system that runs most smart phones and tablets around the world today, which is the most flexible and … [Read more...]

Can I still book an Aakash tablet?

Just when we thought the Aakash tablet was a thing of the past, the news of its resurgence arrives and this time it was the President, Mr. Pranab Mukkherjee, making the announcement of the new Aakash Tablet to be launched for the students, again in collaboration with Datawind. It's called Aakash 2 or wait, Aakash 3. We are as confused with the nomenclature of these tablets as the public at … [Read more...]

BSNL Tablets come with ‘Value for Money’ goodies

Since last couple of weeks, we have been getting several queries on BSNL Tablets. Though in the past we have published a couple on articles to help you know more about BSNL Tablet, BSNL Tablet Reviews and whether to buy BSNL Tabs or not, we thought of publishing one more article on BSNL  Tablets. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) announced its foray into the low cost tablets category with … [Read more...]

Karbonn Smart Tab 1 [Vs] HCL ME U1 [Vs] Micromax Funbook – Which Tablet to Buy?

Since, the announcement of the Aakash Tablet, India has been transformed into sort of a heaven for low cost tablets. A lot of Indian companies are jumping at this new opportunity to get ahead in the race and build a strong hold in this, kind of a niche market for low cost computing devices. Companies like Zync, iBerry, iBall, Wish Tel, BSNL, Karbonn, Micromax, HCL and even corporate biggies like … [Read more...]

Made in India Tablets That are not Aakash – Alternatives to Aakash 2

The Aakash tablet based its selling idea on two things, firstly as being the cheapest tablet in the market and secondly boasting of being 'Made in India' low cost device. Well, surely the Aakash is cheapest and a 'Made in India' tablet, but its surely isn't the only one out there. A good thing that has come out of the Aakash project is that it has somehow woken up a huge bunch of entrepreneurs … [Read more...]

How to book BSNL Tablets?

If you are one of those who cannot wait endlessly for the Aakash tablets to be delivered, and have set your eyes on the low cost tablets offered by BSNL and Pantel Technologies Pvt Ltd. or are one of those who want some premium features at low prices, then knowing how to book your BSNL tablet is a question, that must be on your mind. Let’s have a look at how you can have your own BSNL … [Read more...]

Google enters the low cost tablet market with Nexus 7

Google seems to be on a roll in the smart phone market, with its Android operating systems and the back to back updates of Ice Cream Sandwich and now Jelly Bean, but is not yet able to establish a reliable following in the tablet market. The internet czar has decided to take matters in to its own hands when it comes to the future of tablets that run the Android OS. As a result, the company plans … [Read more...]

Karbonn mobile to launch Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Tablets

Mobile phone manufacturer Karbonn, announced a few days back about its plans to expand in to the smart phone and low cost tablet market, mainly by focusing on devices running Google's latest Android operating systems, namely Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. Karbonn would be the first Indian company to launch a tablet running the latest 4.1 Jelly Bean OS. Karbonn Mobile currently has a large … [Read more...]

A complete guide to BSNL Android Tablets

There were telephones, then there were computers, then came laptops and cellphones. But today we have these ‘all in one devices’, which can make calls, run games, browse the internet, get your presentations done and so on and so forth. These are tablet computers and as these high-end devices grow in the markets, there’s a spur in the low cost tablets as well. Leading the low cost revolution are … [Read more...]

Aakash Tablets Vs BSNL Tabs

The Indian markets have been swooped by low cost tablets, and quiet ruthlessly it seems. This is obvious by the fact that most searched and discussed tablets now-a-days are Aakash, Micromax Funbook, BSNL Tpads, HCL ME or iBall Slide etc. These low cost tablets compete with each other at a level where prices are as low as possible and features are practical. This also leads to quiet confusion as to … [Read more...]

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