BSNL launches 3 tablets with attractive Data Plans, Gives competition to Aakash

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited or BSNL, India’s largest telecom and internet service provider announced the launch of 3 student friendly tablet computers with prices ranging from Rs. 3499 to Rs. 13000. With these tablets, also comes an attractive package of 5GB data plan free for use till 60 days. BSNL has collaborated with Pantel Technologies Pvt Ltd. a Noida based company for manufacturing these … [Read more...]

Less than 600 Aakash tablets distributed so far!

The much anticipated and hyped Low Cost tablet computer of India – Aakash, was announced with much fan-fare and were to be distributed to the individual applicants and students of various Universities from April 2012. However, less than 600 Aakash tablets have been distributed so far. This was revealed by an RTI query filed by MediaNama, a news website. To be precise only 572 Aakash tablets have … [Read more...]

Your complete guide to UbiSlate 7 Tablet

For those looking forward to buying the new Aakash tablet, which is commercially called UbiSlate 7; here’s a rundown of what all you should know. Aakash or UbiSlate 7 is recently upgraded to Aakash 2 or UbiSlate 7+. Aakash, launched in October 2011, was a brainchild of the MHRD ministry and headed by the Mr. Kapil Sibal to empower the students of India with low cost tablet computers to make … [Read more...]

Which is the best Android Tablet in India?

Best Android tablet is a question that possibly can never be answered, mainly because flexibility of the Android OS makes it possible to run efficiently on the cheapest and the costliest of tablets with equal ease. Here’s a list of the Best Android Tablets in the Indian market divided into three categories; namely High end, Mid-range and low-end Android Tablets. Category 1: Samsung … [Read more...]

A guide to the cheapest tablet PCs in India

There was a time when the Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the business oriented Blackberry Playbook were a frenzy.  But these tablets also created a divide among those who desired them and those who could afford them or the casual users who prefer to use these products for their novelty rather than its utility. Low cost tablet computers are a boon for most of us out there. These are … [Read more...]

Aakash 2 vs Wish Tel Ira: War of the cheapest tablets in India

Aakash tablets have taken the country by storm. Aakash tablet is the initiative of Government of India to provide the students of various Universities a low cost computing device and enable the common public to own a piece of touchscreen device. What this has done is that it has started kind of a trend that has made the word ‘cheap’ in vogue. Companies like BSNL, iBall, Micromax or the new Wish … [Read more...]

Aakash 2: Complete Tech specifications of world’s cheapest tablet

After receiving mixed reactions to the Aakash tablet, MHRD Ministry and DataWind, the company that made the tablet; have stepped up the manufacturing of a faster and better tablet at a very similar price point. Aaskash 2 or commercially called Ubislate 7+ would be twice as fast as its predecessor and have a few new features as well and should be available from April 2012. This is confirmed by Mr. … [Read more...]

Aakash 2 all set to be launched in April 2012

Ever since the upgraded version of Aakash tablet was announced as Aakash 2 or commercially called UbiSlate 7+, there’s been ambiguity about its launch and availability. DataWind and MHRD Ministry both have had various versions as to the launch of this low cost tablet computer and its expected delivery schedule. However, among all the various dates, the Government has announced the ‘official’ … [Read more...]

How to check the booking status of Aakash or UbiSlate tablet?

There is a mad rush for pre bookings of the Aakash tablet, which is a low cost tablet computer made by DataWind, in collaboration with the Government of India, as part of an initiative by MHRD ministry. However, due to the frenzy around the tablet, there is an unprecedented rush among the people to grab a piece of this low cost technology. Unlike the Apple iPad, which is popular due to its brand … [Read more...]

How to book Aakash tablet?

Ever since its announcement in late October 2011 by Union MHRD Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal, Aakash tablets have become the talk of the town. But, how to get an Aakash tablet?  It is a tablet computer that lets you read and edit office documents and PDF files, browse the internet, lets you listen to music and watch videos. It is a portable device for education, work or just recreation and has a big … [Read more...]

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