Aakash tablet user review pops up a few surprises

For all those who are eager to get their hands on the ‘Made in India’ Aakash tablet, here’s an in-depth review of the Aakash tablet that’s made by DataWind. First things first; let’s get one thing clear that Aakash tablet is not a sort of device you would expect hordes of processing power or buttery smooth Android experience. It is an educational device and at a very-very low cost, to empower … [Read more...]

Mumbai University receives 25000 pre-order requests for Aakash Tablets

The buzz around the low cost tablet computer Aakash, developed by DataWind and backed by Ministry of Human Resource Development does not seem to end. It’s being promoted as a tablet computer for the masses. The latest on Aakash tablet front is that Mumbai university has received around 25000 pre-order requests for these tablets from its students through various colleges affiliated to it. This … [Read more...]

Aakash and UbiSlate Tablets will be available on rent too

At Rs. 2500, Aakash Tablet is by far the Cheapest Tablet PC in the world. Even the upgraded version of Aakash Tablet, UbiSlate available at Rs. 2999 wins the contest of being the cheapest Android Tablet in India or across the globe.  And that's not all - The Indian Government shall be providing Aakash Tablet at a price of Rs. 1138 to more than 100 universities India. The students of Mumbai … [Read more...]

Detailed Technical Specifications of UbiSlate 7+

Features OS - Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Chipset - Cortex A8 CPU - 700 Mhz Memory Card Slot - microSD, up to 32GB Internal - 2 GB Flash storage, 256 MB RAM Data USB - Yes, 2 USB ports (V2.0) GPRS - Yes WLAN - Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g Sound 3.5mm jack - Yes Display Size - 7" Display with 800x480 pixels Type - Resistive Touch Screen Battery - 3200 mAh, 180 … [Read more...]

[Video] Preview of World’s Cheapest Tablet PC – Aakash

Gadget Guru @ NDTV India introduces Aakash (UbiSlate), the World's Cheapest Tablet PC in this video. http://youtu.be/He_lwac7NLg   … [Read more...]

Aakash Tablet and UBISlate Pictures-$50-60 Tablets

Here are 14 images of Aakash/UbiSlate Tablet that we collated from across the web. We're sure you will love them and like everyone else, would be amazed how such an amazing device can be available for Rs. 2500 or Rs. 1138 if you are a Mumbai University student. Click the images to watch them as a slideshow. Some of the above collated images are courtesy NDTV … [Read more...]

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