What is Android – A Detailed Guide on World’s Dearest Mobile OS

What is Android? Android means an automaton or a robot that resembles a human being, also called a humanoid. This is the definition of Android. But not many would be bothered with that because for millions and millions across the globe, Android is an operating system from Google. An operating system that runs most smart phones and tablets around the world today, which is the most flexible and … [Read more...]

Google enters the low cost tablet market with Nexus 7

Google seems to be on a roll in the smart phone market, with its Android operating systems and the back to back updates of Ice Cream Sandwich and now Jelly Bean, but is not yet able to establish a reliable following in the tablet market. The internet czar has decided to take matters in to its own hands when it comes to the future of tablets that run the Android OS. As a result, the company plans … [Read more...]

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