Micromax Funbook Tablets

A detailed guide on Micromax Tablet Reviews – Funbook Pro and many others

Micromax Funbook come in all shapes and sizes or should one say all price and sizes. From a 7 inch tablet to a huge 10.1 incher, the Micromax tablets have something to offer to everyone looking to buy a good performing mobile tablet. Any Micromax Android tablet comes with an assurance of performance matching its cost, thus giving the user the ultimate value for money. So let us have a look at … [Read more...]

From where can you buy a Micromax Funbook Tablet?

Micromax is a company that has grown leaps and bounds ever since it has entered the Android devices space and have always been focused towards youth oriented products and marketing. While its tag line 'nothing like anything' may be a bit over the top, it is surely a company that has made better products as compared to its peers, mainly other Indian companies. Its Funbook line of tablets is an … [Read more...]

Features and Specifications of Micromax Funbook Pro

Micromax is fast emerging as a leading Indian mobile device company and has managed to carve its own niche in the mobile device market, which includes entry level phones, smart phones and tablet pc. Although its products are not intended to compete with the iPAD or the GALAXYs, it still makes pretty good devices and offers them at very low prices. A major part of its success is the Android smart … [Read more...]

Customer Feedback on Datawind – The makers of Aakash, Aakash 2 and UbiSlate Tablets

The customer feedback for Datawind was from 'decent' to 'average' and in some cases even below par. Datawind had also setup a customer care helpline for the Aakash and Ubislate (name of the commercial version), but it was unable to withstand the volume of calls and the company admitted that the response was 'overwhelming', thus subtly accepting their inability to match the orders and also respond … [Read more...]

What is Android – A Detailed Guide on World’s Dearest Mobile OS

What is Android? Android means an automaton or a robot that resembles a human being, also called a humanoid. This is the definition of Android. But not many would be bothered with that because for millions and millions across the globe, Android is an operating system from Google. An operating system that runs most smart phones and tablets around the world today, which is the most flexible and … [Read more...]

Fun or Bore: Hands on Review of the New Micromax Funbook

Micromax Funbook is a tablet introduced at a price point which is crammed with a lot of other companies like Zync, iBerry, Karbon, Reliance, HCL etc., which is the Rs. 10000 tablet market. The pricing is attractive and so are the specs on paper, whether or not they live up to the promise out of its sales box is what we will see. Tech Specs of the Funbook: 7 inch capacitive touchscreen with … [Read more...]

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