How to check the booking status of Aakash or UbiSlate tablet?

There is a mad rush for pre bookings of the Aakash tablet, which is a low cost tablet computer made by DataWind, in collaboration with the Government of India, as part of an initiative by MHRD ministry. However, due to the frenzy around the tablet, there is an unprecedented rush among the people to grab a piece of this low cost technology. Unlike the Apple iPad, which is popular due to its brand … [Read more...]

How to book Aakash tablet?

Ever since its announcement in late October 2011 by Union MHRD Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal, Aakash tablets have become the talk of the town. But, how to get an Aakash tablet?  It is a tablet computer that lets you read and edit office documents and PDF files, browse the internet, lets you listen to music and watch videos. It is a portable device for education, work or just recreation and has a big … [Read more...]

Aakash tablet user review pops up a few surprises

For all those who are eager to get their hands on the ‘Made in India’ Aakash tablet, here’s an in-depth review of the Aakash tablet that’s made by DataWind. First things first; let’s get one thing clear that Aakash tablet is not a sort of device you would expect hordes of processing power or buttery smooth Android experience. It is an educational device and at a very-very low cost, to empower … [Read more...]

Government allocates Rs. 765 crores for the Aakash project

The ambitious Aakash project received yet another boost, with the announcement of Rs. 765 crores allotment for the project in the Union budget of 2012-2013. The project to provide the common people with a tablet computer keeps hitting the headlines ever since its announcement in late October 2011; thankfully it’s for the right reasons most of the times. The project, a brainchild of Union Minister … [Read more...]

Mumbai University receives 25000 pre-order requests for Aakash Tablets

The buzz around the low cost tablet computer Aakash, developed by DataWind and backed by Ministry of Human Resource Development does not seem to end. It’s being promoted as a tablet computer for the masses. The latest on Aakash tablet front is that Mumbai university has received around 25000 pre-order requests for these tablets from its students through various colleges affiliated to it. This … [Read more...]

Free $60 Aakash Tablets for Indian students

Ministry of Human Resource Development has recently made the announcement that the world's cheapest tablet computer ‘Aakash’ would be given free of cost to the students of various state universities across India. The free Aakash Tablets for students is an initiative by Union HRD minister Kapil Sibal to provide every student in India with a low cost computer. Initially when launched in the first … [Read more...]

[Guest Post] Aakash Tablet vs Apple iPad 2 – Simplest Guide

Well, the question Aakash Tablet or an Apple iPad may throw most of us out of balance (figuratively) - but the ideas pumped into our heads by the news, media and blogs make us say without a second thought, that it is undoubtedly iPad that is more desirable. Well, may be. But if that was the case, there is absolutely no reason for me to be typing, and for you to spend your precious time reading … [Read more...]

Aakash and UbiSlate Tablets will be available on rent too

At Rs. 2500, Aakash Tablet is by far the Cheapest Tablet PC in the world. Even the upgraded version of Aakash Tablet, UbiSlate available at Rs. 2999 wins the contest of being the cheapest Android Tablet in India or across the globe.  And that's not all - The Indian Government shall be providing Aakash Tablet at a price of Rs. 1138 to more than 100 universities India. The students of Mumbai … [Read more...]

Detailed Technical Specifications of UbiSlate 7+

Features OS - Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Chipset - Cortex A8 CPU - 700 Mhz Memory Card Slot - microSD, up to 32GB Internal - 2 GB Flash storage, 256 MB RAM Data USB - Yes, 2 USB ports (V2.0) GPRS - Yes WLAN - Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g Sound 3.5mm jack - Yes Display Size - 7" Display with 800x480 pixels Type - Resistive Touch Screen Battery - 3200 mAh, 180 … [Read more...]

Aakash Tablet creates a world record – 14 Lakh units booked in 2 weeks

Ever since it was put up for sale on December 15, 2011, the booking for the upgraded version of Aakash Tablet, UbiSlate has touched 14 lakh units. Yes. You read it correct... 14 lakh units of UbiSlate (upgraded version of Aakash Tablet) have been booked within 2 weeks since it went up for sale. The delivery for the booked Aakash (UbiSlate) Tablets is expected to start from the last week of January … [Read more...]

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